Hey, I just joined. I'm looking to find non-religious support groups in my area for addiction and mental illness. I thought I could find some people here to help point me in the right direction.

Hi fellow athiests!

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SMART Recovery and SOS could probably help you out.

SMART Recovery has an extremely high success rate and I've heard really good things about it from one person who was in it.

If they're not in your area then SOS is an umbrella group of different small programs and they might be able to help.

I'm sure there are other people who will also offer you options as well.

Best to you
Thanks! I'll look into that!
Let me know how it goes :-)

Whoever this is for (you or a friend) they're taking a very big and important step in their life and I wish them every success.

I know a few people who are living wonderful lives because they took this important step.
It's for me. Thanks for the support!!
Welcome aboard Lauren, best of luck to you finding what you need.
Welcome! You will come for the advice, but stay for the fun... ~.o




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