Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I found it to be a very neat and nice feature, where you could upload some of your favorite songs. As a music lover, that was just perfect to me, so I can share my love for music with the world.

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It is still available on your personal page.
How do I reach it then?
I recommend .... if you join you can upload music (and video, photos, etc), make playlists, etc. and embed them. You can see my profile for an example.
Using an outside site is a little "troublesome" though, and I really just wanted to upload a few songs which I did, and now I have no idea where they went to.
Unfortunately, I was going to try them, but their music selection is really limited. Half of my more obscure songs aren't even there, and since I don't have permission to upload songs, I'd rather stay away from that feature. Does or any other huge music site have embedded playlist features?
Have you tried
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