When posting to a particular subforum once you are finished it seems the only option you have is to return to the very top of the forums. You do not have the option to return directly to the forum you were posting in. Is there any way around this currently or would it require a mod to the forum itself by the admins?

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Well, browsers have a back button for a reason...
True. But after posting a reply... well it can get messy after a number of replies. :D
Back buttons are nice, but I agree with Az on this. Back buttons are less practical when the thread gets long. If there is a way to get a link to go back to the catagory, it does make it much easier.
In modern browsers you can either right-click on the back button, or click and hold to bring up a history list to skip pages going back (or forward).

I suppose a direct link would be handy for some people. I prefer not to have a crazy long history in any given tab though. Partly because I actually use it. :P
Thank you for your question. After much searching, I still can't find an answer for you so I have posted it to Get Satisfaction.




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