The subject line in email notifications contains the username of the person posting, so the subject keeps changing whenever someone replies, and this breaks Gmail's conversation functionality (see: ).

This has been bugging me for a while now. Conversations are much easier to manage than pages of emails. I've asked about this before, but nothing was done. The body of the message contains the thread title, but it should be in the subject line, and the username should be in the body instead of the subject. Please switch them.

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Thank you for your suggestion Mike. This is something that is being worked on.
Thanks. :)
yes. This should be resolved soon.
This topic scheduled to be closed. 8/10/2008
What for? What purpose would that serve?
Because the help features have been moved to the Get Satisfaction page.
How is that relevant? You shouldn't go around closing threads "willy nilly" like you have been, and if this place ever gets popular enough, you won't be able to. You shouldn't step in where it's not needed.
Until the better Forum is installed, we are just clearing space. It has been quite confusing for many new people. This issue in it has been noted and placed in the suggestion and help files.




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