I'm fairly excited about this site! I hope it really takes off in a positive way.

I created this group because I see a need. I belong to a few parenting message boards but none of them are very interested in discussing secular parenting issues. Needless to say most are religious to varying degrees and don't understand why it's even an issue.

Just a brief intro...I'm a SAHM with two boys ages 5 and 2. I'll be sending my 5 year old off to kindy this fall and with the excitement also comes all the usual fears and nerves. I look forward to getting to know other parents here.

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I'm a 45 year old mama of a 4 year old boy - well, he's actually got a little bulldog in him, I think (no reflection on my husband intended)! Not knowing how much we would miss our home (New Orleans), we decided that we wanted our kid to get to know his aging (and only) grandparents, so we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma about 6 weeks before Katrina hit. Because of the now-limited availability of good schools there, we're stuck here for awhile. Tulsa, the crotch of the bible belt. There's an opportunity every day to remind our kid that not everyone has the same ideas. Knowledge is power - we want him to grow up with as much information as his brain will absorb so that he can make his own choices as he matures, but it's hard here to pass a day without hearing words like "blessed", "heaven", "god", "Jesus", and the tiresome phrase "the one true religion". Anyway, it's great to be here - in Nexus, that is.
As much as I would not in a million years want to live in the bible belt, it seems like some of the biggest and most vital atheist groups are in the bible states, which of course makes perfect sense. Also as you say, lots of teachable moments for the kids.

Still, I'm sorry you are stuck there.
My name is Glendon and I'm an artist and illustrator. My wife and I do not have kids of our own yet, and we are helping to raise our nephew, almost 7 years old. Some say I'm the primary male figure in his life. He's awesome and currently goes by the name "You-call-me-Dr.-Jones"!

Nice to meet everyone.

My nephew comes from a religious family and my wife and I counter some of that by simply showing him other cultures, other gods, mythology and basically exposing him to as many cultural traditions as possible, easy to do in a multi-cultural city like Toronto.
That's really awesome that your nephew has someone he can count on. And funny... "Dr. Jones".

We are temporarily living in Buffalo and I really want to visit Toronto once before we move away. What I really want to do is visit Ikea again. But alas with those new border rules and us not having passports it will have to wait.
Hi there! I'm a 40+ mom of a 4 y/o daughter. We introduce non-belief to her as the situation arises. Like in Montessori - where they pray at lunch :-( - not state funded so despite my complaints, can't do much. Other than that it's a great school. So she learned there that she is not to participate. I think they've pulled her into the kitchen at least once when she said loudly "We don't think god-father is real". And she knows that churches (like the monstrousity down the street) is where people go that think god-father is real. Other than that, I don't think she's quite ready for any more discussion. Because her answer to someone once was "we don't think god-father is real because we're vegetarian" (also a lunch related difference and she hasn't differentiated the two yet).

Glad to find another group for support!
Who am I? I'm the father of two wonderful girls, aged 9 and 14. My 14 year old is getting ready to start High School. School is sometimes tough for her because she is much more outspoken about atheism than her mom and I are.
I'm also an Eagle Scout, a soldier, a salesman, and a lawyer.
The Boy Scouts came up in some of the comments below. I was religious when a Scout, but I remember that in my troop, atheism was OK so long as you "respected" religion. Respect didn't equal sharing. It did mean attending and remaining silent during services. However, my troop's approach may have been rare in the organization. If my daughters wanted to join Explorers (a co-ed version of scouting for older teens) I would help them look for a Post that would be open to their lack of belief. I can't promise I'd find one.
Hey Jon G - you would probably find Penn and Teller's Bullshit! (Showtime) episode on Boy Scouts of America rather interesting. It mostly focuses on BSA's exclusion of gays, but the ENTIRE episode is a rare gem.
Thanks. I'll try to find an opportunity to see it.
Hi everybody. I'm a father of three (13, 10, and 6) in Atlanta and author/editor of Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion. I'm so proud of myself for joining Atheist Nexus in the early going, woohoo! Usually I catch on to something only after everyone else has moved on. (My shares of Betamax are about to go through the roof, I can feel it.)
Loved your book!
I have a 9 month old son who my wife takes care of while I'm at work. We have a huge collection of Nat. Geo., BBC, PBS, etc. science and history documentaries that I can't wait to show him when he's older (if that is what he wants to watch of course). I actually look forward to him being exposed to religious nonsense so that I can explain how and why it's so silly.
Hi everyone -

My name's Carlos and I'm the working father of three kids (boy 5.5, girl 3, baby boy 5 mos) and husband to one wife (an intensely lovely woman of 33).

I always presumed I'd raise my kids to be atheists, though indoctrination is not my style. I figure that teaching them about the world in realistic terms is probably a good technique. Along with speaking honestly about our views on religion and faith.

The kids haven't been exposed to much religion thus far. We live in a small town, and feel lucky to have found a non-religious preschool right where we live. With the boy beginning kindergarten in the fall, though, I expect we're going to have to start answering some of the "big" questions (with SCIENCE!).

Really, really happy to be here.




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