I'm fairly excited about this site! I hope it really takes off in a positive way.

I created this group because I see a need. I belong to a few parenting message boards but none of them are very interested in discussing secular parenting issues. Needless to say most are religious to varying degrees and don't understand why it's even an issue.

Just a brief intro...I'm a SAHM with two boys ages 5 and 2. I'll be sending my 5 year old off to kindy this fall and with the excitement also comes all the usual fears and nerves. I look forward to getting to know other parents here.

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Hi all, I am a bit new to the game, I have a 4 month old son. My parents are liberal catholics, as are my wife's. I am a bit of a militant atheist, and my wife is a vague believer. Needless to say this can make for some awkward situations. I look forward to hearing others experiences bringing their kids up and how to explain the religious nonsense he will no doubt be inundated with faster than I can teach him about reality.
thanks Sarah, I will check it out.
Hello! I'm glad to see so many SAHMs here. I am a SAHM2B, due with our first heathen in a few weeks. I know it is early, but I'm very interested in unschooling/homeschooling her and it is great to see some atheist homeschoolers in the group. :) If anyone is interested, there is an Atheist Moms Yahoo! Group which is fairly active. There's a Dads one too, but I don't think it gets nearly as much traffic.

Nice to hear of the yahoo group. I strongly dislike the messaging format for Y groups otherwise I'd probably look it up.
If that is somehow different from the group that I just mentioned, which also has a member named Phyllis in it, you're going to have to link me or something. It sure sounds like you think it's different, but I don't get it.
Yep, same one. Sorry - I read homeschool and then Yahoo group.
I've got two girls who are 3 and 4, their birthdays are in October and November so they will be 4 and 5 soon. I'm married and am currently home with the kids where we do a lot of gardening and learning activities.

I too am starting to get pretty antsy about sending my oldest off to school. I only personally know one other atheist outside of our direct family, the grandparents on both sides are religious too so there is no family support in this way and nothing in our community, so I really hope this forum turns out to be a great resource for us.
I am a working mom of two boys, ages 2 and 1. My husband -- also a strong, proud atheist -- stays at home with them full-time.

Not long ago, we were watching Zeitgeist on our Wii -- we had it up on the TV. When the Jesus segment came on, our 2-year-old pointed at it and said, "NO WAY!" Nice to see that the apples aren't falling far from the trees.
Hi! I'm Dianna, SAHM to one boy 9 y.o. and one girl, 13: Though I live in CA, which is really a great place for atheists, my home is in Wilton, which is a very conservative area. For the most part, the Christians out here really are very nice, but I just don't feel at home with them and need other Atheists to hang out with. I'm glad to see this site; I'm blown away by the overall level of education of the members here at AN, and I look forward to meeting like-minded parents.
Welcome to the site. I'm 45, married, and have a 4 year old. By the time he thinks to ask why we don't go to church (perhaps very soon - starting Pre-K this August), he won't because he already KNOWS why we don't go to church. We believe in knowledge as power, so we will teach him about ALL religions (and non-religion), but in a knowledge-based way. As he matures, we will honor his choices (whatever they may be). Though my husband and I are atheist, we don't consider Vito to be one. Each individual must choose for himself, hopefully based on knowledge. We will welcome his investigations if he should choose to do so. We'll be surprised if he chooses to worship a magical fairy, but I suppose that would make for interesting conversations.
And could you tell me what SAHM is? I see it all the time. I love acronyms and I admit that I've thought of some great ones for this, but I doubt that any of them are valid possibilities. I just don't speak this shorthand language that everyone else seems to know - call me a purist (but don't you dare call me a puritan!).
SAHM = Stay at home mom

BTW (by the way) Vitomama, I meant to mention to you before that it's nice to see another older mom of young kids. I'm 42 with a 5 and 2 year old. I try not to get too hung up on age but sometimes it's frustrating when most of the moms are 10 even 20 years younger.
I'm also glad to see some other 40+ moms (I'm 43 with a 4 y/o). No offense to the younger moms.




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