I'm fairly excited about this site! I hope it really takes off in a positive way.

I created this group because I see a need. I belong to a few parenting message boards but none of them are very interested in discussing secular parenting issues. Needless to say most are religious to varying degrees and don't understand why it's even an issue.

Just a brief intro...I'm a SAHM with two boys ages 5 and 2. I'll be sending my 5 year old off to kindy this fall and with the excitement also comes all the usual fears and nerves. I look forward to getting to know other parents here.

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Hi there!

Well, I don't have any children yet but I hope you don't mind me joining this group. I've thought about parenting one or two little heathens sometime in the future and now is a good time to start learning how to do it. :)

btw,what does SAHM means?
M'lady and I are raising 2 teenaged boys. We have allowed them to attend a couple of youth groups to learn what other people believe and how they express their beliefs. They were more concerned with the socializing aspects and quickly lost interest because of the praying and teaching, which is fine with us. We have been fairly successful, so far, in teaching them the difference between wishful thinking and religious dogma.
Attending churches for funerals or weddings has never been an issue because most of these ceremonies were for family members or ceremonies that I have performed, which are non-religious.
For the most part they are more interested in sports or being rock stars, which is fine with me, too.
I'm a SAHM of two girls, 4 and 2 1/2. My husband is in the Navy and is gone alot, he deploys for six months next month.
I'm still trying to figure out how to explain to my kids about religion, and what they are seeing around them, especially what other kids are saying and doing.
I'm looking forward to talking to other atheist parents!
Great to see this group and great that it is attracting lots of parents.
I guess I'll add my little story, I'm a working dad though I try to not let work get in the way of enjoying my 2yo daughter.
Mom is a church going catholic from Poland no less and also works but her current work lets her be at home for about 70% of the time, our daughter still goes to daycare though but it feels like it's less than others in Belgium (my wife off-course thinks it is too much compared to Poland where it seems that daycare is not very common)
Religion has never really been an issue for me, I was raised without and thought it was just this weird thing that people wanted to do. However with the birth of my daughter and the religious requests of mom, I've educated myself a little and want her to have as much freedom to make up her own mind as possible, she will be raised with religion (mom's family is quite faithful) but I think that as long as I am able to show her my side that she won't become fundamental and will develop a critical mind, that is all I would ask for.
I wouldn't care if she became religious like her mom, though I do think that she has problems with the divide that religion creates sometimes, like she struggles with accepting homosexuality even though we have friends that are gay and she considers them as good people, she cannot bring herself to really accept it and has to at some point call it "un-normal" (she can argue at length that that does not mean unnatural or some other definition that could be seen as negative, it is really weird).
I do hope those kind of little rough edges will not be transfered to our daughter's mind.

So there, I'll keep an eye on this group and if I have the time to add something I will, really hope it takes off!
That must be so frustrating that the school isn't more willing to help or even communicate properly with you. A friend of mine also has a 9yo daughter with ADHD and she has had to fight tooth and nail to get her daughter what she needs from the school.

I'm really glad to see some parents with older kids here. It really helps sometimes to talk with parents that are more experienced.
I am a mother to one six year old who will soon be in the 1st grade. Glad to see everyone here. My son is exposed to lots of religious thought - generally of the Baptist brand. So far I have been simply asking him what he thinks when it comes to things like Santa Claus, heaven, angels and so forth. I am nervous about creating a rift in the family - especially his father's side who is very religious so I try to remain non-judgemental as much as possible and teach that there are many religious beliefs that various people follow and that he will need to decide for himself one day. Gah. It's tough.
I'm a full-time working mom to a 2 yo daughter. My hubby also works full-time. I have to say that the only non-religious parents I've ever met were online, so I'm excited to join yet another online which will hopefully help me meet people irl that aren't fundies telling my my daughter will go to hell.
I'm a SAHM to 4. Three girls that are 8, 5 1/2 and 2 and a boy that is 6 1/2. It's nice to find a place to hang online where people are going to understand the issues of trying to raise freethinking kids.

We have it rough simply because the public schools by us suck and they didn't have room for my oldest when we moved back here (we live with my dad right now). My kids go to a Catholic school. It is crazy. They are going to be in 3rd, 1st and kindy this year and it has been a challenge to balance all their religious schooling with what I believe. So far my 8yo says she believes in a god (was saying that since 1st grade when a friend at her public school told her about it). My 6yo son says he does not believe and my other two really have no clue what religion is other then what they learned from the Simpsons (they constantly go around saying, "save me Jeebus").

I went to Catholic schools for 13 years (high school by choice) so I know the routine. It's a good school, small classes, all the teachers know all the kids (even the ones in other grades), the principal knows my kids names and they have only gone there one year so we suffer through.
Wow! Meeting your 18 yo for the first time, that must have been so exciting.

My sister's girl skipped two grades this year and I know it was a challenge for her sometimes. Socially it's quite hard, the other kids are nice to her and all but they really aren't friends. There's just too much of an age difference. I can imagine it's something similar for your son although maybe even tougher since he's more into the teen years.
I am so glad this site and this group are here!

I'm a 38-year-old Mom to an amazing 9-year-old daughter who is, frankly, my hero. She went vegetarian at age 5 for ethical reasons and dragged my husband and I with her. She's the most down-to-earth, rational little person I have ever known.

A couple of years ago when her mostly-Catholic classmates were getting ready for First Communion, she started to get a lot of questions and criticism from her peers because we weren't religious. She even had a classmate tell her she was a "terrible person" because she didn't believe in god and that she "kills people by not believing." We confronted the teacher, but were told there was no religious persecution in her classroom. Whatever. A year later we moved to the suburbs and a new school system where the families' backgrounds are much more diverse.

We also joined a UU society so she could attend religious education classes that are really more like comparative religion. I believe firmly that she should learn bible stories for the same reasons I have taught her a variety of creation myths and Greek mythology: cultural literacy. A by-product of the classes is that when religious questions come up among her classmates, she now has the courage of her convictions. She knows there are other kids like her out there and she's not alone in not believing.

My husband's family are primarily atheists, so there's no conflict. My family, however, mostly live in an ultra-conservative Indiana backwater, and while I was not raised in a particularly religious way, they've all taken a hard turn toward evangelical Christianity. My parents have never overtly tried to bring her into the fold, but one of my older sisters.... Let's just say we don't leave Jessie alone with her.

Glad to meet you all here. I hope this site really takes off; it is certainly needed!
Hi! I'm the father of 2 boys aged 3.5 years and 8 months. I de-converted to atheism about 6 months ago. My wife isn't actively religious. I would probably consider her a deist. My family is pretty seriously evangelical and don't know about my little secret. So I've got several different people to contend with while trying to raise my sons into a world of reason. Wish me luck! :)
I'm an Atheist mom. I have a 15 yo daughter and a 7 mo old son. I live in Southern Oregon and have only been here a year. We moved here to be closer to my husband's family and to take over the family business. My in-laws are nice people but are extremely christian, or more specifically Seventh Day Adventist. I worry about my son and the influence they will have on him. I have decided to let him know about religions but treat it like a sociology lesson like I did with my daughter. I think it's good that he know that it's out there so that he can better succeed in relating to others.




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