Am I right? Let's all have a round of applause for the Godless!!


Anyways, being Atheists, how do you feel about religious, churchgoing people?

I mean obviously they hate you. No denying that. But do you hate them back, do you pity them, do you really care?


(Hopefully this isn't a repeat topic, I looked around)

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Uhhhhhhhh...... as an open atheist with church-going friends, I can tell you that they do NOT all hate us. And no, I don't dislike religious people, or feel sorry for them (except the really, REALLY deluded ones). How about you?
Yes, I know not all religious people hate Atheists. That's just the general feeling, you know? It was more lighthearted than serious.

As for me, I'm not a strong Atheist, more Agnostic I guess, and different religions make the world more interesting so I don't mind, I just think the hate coming from Christians to their fellow man is somewhat ironic...
I find that church people are disrespectful of atheist, even the ones that are not so serious about their own religion. It really angers me sometimes.
When I'm forced to attend church, I find it shocking how people who attend that church every week and believe it so fervently... manage to break the rules without thought. If you really believed something, would you do that?

Sometimes I think most people aren't serious about their religion, they just don't know what else to do.
I don't think any theist is really able to work up "hatred" in me for their theism alone. Frustration, anger, nervousness, perplexion, bewilderment, yes. I can't really "hate" someone for being a victim of circumstance. I am sure that many of these people would have turned out differently if raised in a secular home or had been encouraged more to think for themselves. Those who in the face of logic and reason turn on the Bible-Blinders create a very strong feeling of repulsion and dislike, but I can't bring myself to hate them... kind of how young kids or small animals can drive you nuts but you can't HATE them for it, they don't know any better.

I am often disappointed in friends and family who persist in going to church and being "good" Christians (or trying?), but I can't bring myself to try and convince them otherwise. I do not think it is my place to run around deconverting people who are content in their delusions, and I have an irrational guilt factor involved. I know how much trouble I had/have trying to rationalize, search, and get comfortable with things. I know how much I read and struggled, and it was hard. For whatever reason, I don't want to make someone else go through the same trouble unless its their decision and they are searching, then I'll help to point them in the right direction, or what I think is best for them.
Everyone in my family was raised Mormon, only my mother believes it. Sometimes we get in fights, but most of us have realized that there's no way to get past it, and even if there were, it's more important that she's happy. I just wish she were more accepting of what her children choose to believe. . .
I live in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is like SLC's little sister (Grand Encampment, and all that). I have quite a few friends who were raised Mormon, but very few of them have stayed with the church into adulthood. I think I know perhaps one religious person who actually hates me, otherwise no one seems to care or notice what my (non)beliefs are.

For most of my life, I was pretty indifferent about the Mormon church, but then I had a Mormon friend who was raped while attending Brigham Young. Even though her church knew it was most definitely rape, this tiny young woman was treated like a dirty whore. The guy on the other hand confessed his sins, said he was really sorry, and "boys will be boys"... He was welcomed back with open arms.

Sadly, I was the one who had to explain to her the biology of sex, how her one and only experience was nothing like a real and loving relationship, how she could still get married and not be afraid that the act of love would always be excruciating, that she can still have children. Fortunately, she is now happily married.

...Sorry, touched a nerve there.
That's one of the reasons I plan to avoid Brigham Young University. A disturbing amount of women treat it like a dating school, wasting thousands of dollars and upsetting the educational system so they can get married. Most men who attend have no problem with that, as they have the same goals, to marry soon and within the church.

However, BYU has gone downhill to say the least, and some LDS members have noticed and actually attend BYU Idaho to stay clear of the corruption to some extent. Others think that because it's an LDS college, it's some sort of safe haven. I'm glad I don't have to bear a story like yours, it's truly disgusting... yet I've opened the newspapers and seen more than enough rape from that school, and I don't think enough is done about it.
In the case of my friend, while dating may have been an objective, it was certainly not the objective. When she left for college, she had already established herself as being fluent in four languages, an accomplished violinist, competitive dance enthusiast, stage actress, and brilliant all-around student.
Well of course, if you're in a social place, you'll intend to establish roots, make friends, date, etc. I just don't condone using an established university strictly for dating purposes, and I think it's seriously bringing down the quality of the school.
I am not an atheist and I generally have nothing against religious as long they obviously accept me and my religion. What concerns me are the brainwashed people who believe the world is six thousand years old, discriminate and just in general goes against my moral beliefs (many of those people are to be found in the US).

I believe everyone is equal, but it is highly frustrating when such backwarding people are still taken seriously and are backed up by their own communities.
I agree.

It reminds me of what Penn Jillette (sp?) said, about how you have to be kind or giving for other people's sake....

I think if you do things because you're afraid that a God will punish you if you don't, you're not really the best sort of person. Good will should be from your own wish to help others, not of your fears or fantasies of the afterlife.

And if you live that way, and you're a good person, does it matter if you're wrong or right about God?




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