Am I right? Let's all have a round of applause for the Godless!!


Anyways, being Atheists, how do you feel about religious, churchgoing people?

I mean obviously they hate you. No denying that. But do you hate them back, do you pity them, do you really care?


(Hopefully this isn't a repeat topic, I looked around)

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I wish they would think a little about their beliefs and do some research into them, otherwise, I don't really care one way or the other about what they do. As long as they keep their beliefs to themselves and treat others fairly, they can believe whatever they want, without concerning me in the slightest.
Hate them back? Life is too short to hate someone for believing in a sky-fairy. This does not mean I will sit idly by if they attack my beliefs, or might I say, lack of beliefs.
No I don't hate them but I do feel sorry for them, and sometimes I'm a little afraid of their blindness. I really believe that all humans will become atheists in time.I look forward to people celebrating how wonderful and great we are and not giving the credit to a make believe creation.
I find it frustrating that fellow humans believe in something that is obviously not true. If people actually thought it through - honestly- than I agree that there would be more atheists. It is happening but too slow for my wishes.
i dont hate most people of faith
i think they just bit misguided but my problem is i having a holy than thall attuide with that point of view?
live and let live right?
is it right or wrong to point out their delusion if they dont try to push it on me?
or maybe an eye for eye? (eg: bible bashers) but that can make us all blind.
Well that's a pretty big generalization to say that all theists hate atheists, and visa versa. I don't hate them, I really don't like fanatics (or extremists of any kind, for that matter) but I also don't think that to say I "pity them" is the right phrase. Something along those lines.
No I don't hate anyone unless they reaaally deserve it.Like those jerkoffs who keep telling me I'm going to hell.Seriously?I mean I don't believe in their god,or heaven.So what makes them think I believe in their satan,or hell?
Ok I can not seriously say I hate them.I just find them incredibly annoying,and would rather not waste my time on them.

I do hate those christian hypocrits though.You know the ones who use "God" as an excuse to hurt other people?Like the Spanish Inquisition,those perverted catholic priests,those other jackass perverts in Texas who married,and slept with all those little girls.SSSSeriously?What the hell?...and if I'm not mistaken there was also something involving 2 cousins being forced to marry in Utah.

Those types of christians have some serious mental issues,and should all be burned at a stake themselves...Aaaaargh!!!Sorry this topic always pisses me off.Fucking sickos...
My ex-boyfriend told me I was going to hell. His religion doesn't even believe in hell. But I don't go to church so it must be so... *sigh*

Funny enough, and vaguely along those lines, being raised Mormon in Utah I didn't even realize that the Polygamist sects existed until I was about 14. It also took me a while to figure out the difference between "Christians" and "Mormons", and come to understand that not everyone was a Mormon to begin with. Thats one of the problems that can come with raising children to follow your religion. . .

The other day there were these girls in my art class who were having a discussion, making it obvious from the start that they were believers in creationism. But their reasoning was so skewed. I think blind faith is a step up from bad logic, personally. One girl posed the question, "If humans evolved from monkeys, wouldn't monkeys be evolving today?" which is ignorant for an impressive array of reasons, though this girl is nice and I hate to say it... I wanted to debate her but it would not have been appropriate.
I don't have a problem with people who live moderately decent lives and still go to church; I think most people go for mainly social/cultural reasons anyway, not out of some deep devotion to a god. Church is just something they do on Sundays or Ash Wednesday, whatever.

Nor do I have a problem with those who are truly devoted to their faith UNTIL they try to interfere with others' lives and beliefs, such as taking away my right as a gay man to be married to the partner of my choice. (Some people may dispute my use of the word "choice" but bear with me.)

Honestly, though, I'd say that religions like Christianity do a lot more bad for atheists and others than good.

Some people joke that most Catholics go to church only to show off a new dress.

I can relate to that in a way. I have to attend a few church meetings, which may seem hypocritical, but I'm not sure how to avoid it.

Gay rights is one of the things I'm the most adamant about. It's unbelievable to me that people try to dictate who can love who.
I think theists are cute! Like little kids who are excited to see what Santa brought them on christmas morning. When something good happens to them they think it's god's magic! Adorable!

Seriously, I pity them. It's kind of sad how they think humans (and no other species mind you), require god to navigate through the most mundane of tasks, and attribute every success, no matter how minor or irrelevant, to blessings from god. I look at them with pity as one would look at a wet, hungry puppy, or a slow child. It's really the job of those who know better to try to set them on the right track. They certainly can be stubborn though...
Hate me? Believe me or not, I would say 98% of the catholics I know DON'T GIVE A SHIT about my point of view. You may don't believe me, but it is true. My boyfriend believes in God and he has told me that he does just because "I just can't get away with the idea that a supernatural force didn't start the big bang", but that's it. Sometimes he goes to church,mostly to see some of his friends, but doesn't believe in hell or heaven or whatever. All my friends that are catholics are like that: tolerant, free minded,etc. They are theists by choice, cause I know they all question the church and all that stuff all the time, support abortions and etc...So, I like free minded, tolerant, respectful theists, whatever their religion is.

I do know catholics that are aweful, close-minded, stupid, conformist people. Lots of them are my classmates in university, and maaan...I just hate them, and feel sorry for them, because of their extreme conformist ways; they are like that just because they are too lazy to think a little bit more.

The church? My mom makes me go to the xmas mass and I just laugh all the time. Is freaking ridiculous!!! Masses are dumb xD. Most of the times I just find some friends and get away from there as quickly as possible, cause I believe in respect, and I don't wanna be crying of laughter while seated near those people that take the charade seriously :P


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