Am I right? Let's all have a round of applause for the Godless!!


Anyways, being Atheists, how do you feel about religious, churchgoing people?

I mean obviously they hate you. No denying that. But do you hate them back, do you pity them, do you really care?


(Hopefully this isn't a repeat topic, I looked around)

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Hate me? Believe me or not, I would say 98% of the catholics I know DON'T GIVE A SHIT about my point of view. You may don't believe me, but it is true. My boyfriend believes in God and he has told me that he does just because "I just can't get away with the idea that a supernatural force didn't start the big bang", but that's it. Sometimes he goes to church,mostly to see some of his friends, but doesn't believe in hell or heaven or whatever. All my friends that are catholics are like that: tolerant, free minded,etc. They are theists by choice, cause I know they all question the church and all that stuff all the time, support abortions and etc...So, I like free minded, tolerant, respectful theists, whatever their religion is.

I do know catholics that are aweful, close-minded, stupid, conformist people. Lots of them are my classmates in university, and maaan...I just hate them, and feel sorry for them, because of their extreme conformist ways; they are like that just because they are too lazy to think a little bit more.

The church? My mom makes me go to the xmas mass and I just laugh all the time. Is freaking ridiculous!!! Masses are dumb xD. Most of the times I just find some friends and get away from there as quickly as possible, cause I believe in respect, and I don't wanna be crying of laughter while seated near those people that take the charade seriously :P


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