Am I right? Let's all have a round of applause for the Godless!!


Anyways, being Atheists, how do you feel about religious, churchgoing people?

I mean obviously they hate you. No denying that. But do you hate them back, do you pity them, do you really care?


(Hopefully this isn't a repeat topic, I looked around)

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Well said, sir.
I certainly don't hate them, although I do hate how some of them behave. I tend to pity the ones who were raised to believe all that nonsense. As tempting as it may be at times, the one thing I really don't think we can afford to do is give up on them.
Yay godless people!!!

As for god people and church goers... for the most part they are just trying to make sense of the world around them. And I suspect that the idea of gods is a naturally occurring notion to our psyche and in fact a natural outcome of how we come by the notion of identity. So I don't hold it too hard against people that they come to the conclusions they do.

Where I do have a problem is when dogma comes into play. Note dogma is not just for religions. Dogma can be a part of political systems too. So next time someone tries to throw Communism in your face just whip out the dogma card and repel them.

Dogma is the thing that causes division in our society. It is the thing that causes people to go to war with one another. It is the thing that can easily set brother against brother. And it is the thing which must be opposed.

Now not all religions or churches come with strong dogmas. Heck the UUs here can attest to the fact that there are churches with no dogmas. Some religions in practice favor connectivity over doctrine. Humanity over dogma. These religions are not so bad and need not be seen as the enemy of society.

So it takes a little more effort to find out what sort of beliefs a particular individual follows. I think the effort is worth the time. You can find all sorts of beliefs out there. And while they may be based on some misplaced presumptions they often come up with some interesting insights. And those can often be worth quite a bit.
I definitely hate the behavior of some, the extremists and those that can't just leave each to his own. I pity those whose lives are so caught up in religion that it sometimes seems like all they have. I do find that in order for me to have some type of ongoing relationship with someone they have to 1. not believe I'm going to burn in hell, and 2. not drop god into our conversations all the time. Beyond that, I don't really care.
Good point about the not believing you are going to burn in hell. I have real trouble figuring out why a freethinker would maintain such a relationship. Seems like a fairly minimal requirement.
My momma says all Atheists are terrible people and going to hell and all that. She's so funny. ...Even though she doesn't mean to be.

Still love her, of course.
Yeah, I think this is entirely different when it comes from family. One can't really walk away from these sort of relationships even if one wanted to. I just don't know if I could continue to date someone who felt this way. At least, when I have done this before I didn't end up liking myself very much.
I have a friend who has been having that problem. The girl he's seeing is pretty religious and while he's fine with it, later on, it could cause problems...
yes it will,especially when children arrive and the brainwashing ,praying at the table,etc. starts.
Why would she think we are terrible people?
I,as one, have a high moral and ethical code and am a caring person.
The term "godless" (note lower-case g) kinda suggests that we're at a loss for somthing, like something is missing as opposed to some thing is extraneous.
I really believe that religious people, how deluded their beliefs are, should be allowed to hold and practice their beliefs.
However, inflicting their beliefs on others and especially inflicting them on kids in schools therefore indoctrinating children into this piffle-paffle is tantamount to child abuse.
I went to a religious Private School for 5 years, by the end I completely hated it, but I was afraid to go to public school.

The teachers made us do morning "devotionals" so we had to pick scriptures and preach to everyone once and a while, when by that point I already had more than a doubt in my mind. They told us that we basically wouldn't survive in Public School, that they were strict with everything, and our teachers always used that to "motivate" us into doing our work.

When I finally did make the step into Public School, everything was easy, and almost everything was better. I felt like I had so much freedom, and I wasn't going to church 5-6 days a week. That's my inspirational tale. :D




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