Am I right? Let's all have a round of applause for the Godless!!


Anyways, being Atheists, how do you feel about religious, churchgoing people?

I mean obviously they hate you. No denying that. But do you hate them back, do you pity them, do you really care?


(Hopefully this isn't a repeat topic, I looked around)

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10 years? Ouch...... That's quite awful.
My brother was just yelling at me today. He visits on sundays, and we watch movies and stuff. I've hinted about being atheist, and thought he picked up on it. I'm sorry to say that he really is ignorant. I happened to be making rounds on the computer, and the computer is hooked to my tv in the living room. If you hit the right channel on the tv, you will see the computer screen on the tv. I swung thru this site, because it's sort of new to me, and he saw it on tv. He said "what is that!? what are you doing on there? Get off of there, that's an evil site, etc." He came in and said "what are you doing?" I told him that the site had nothing to do with devil worship. He asked "you don't believe in god?!?!?" I said no. He tried to get loud and silly. He actually thinks that if he's loud enough, i will get out of this phase that i'm in. He said that he was going to tell my mother. heh heh. My brother is a dumbass. I thought about debating him, but it would of just upset him, so i changed the subject.
That totally just made me remember a quote! <- (She says, eloquently)

"He's still living in the Victorian Age where the louder you yelled, the righter you were..."

There are so many people like that out there... personally, I don't like yelling. It makes me so uncomfortable when I'm yelled at, or someone else is yelled at....
that is what every beleiving adult tells me: " It's just a phase! Give it 2-3 years and you will realize the GOD is REAL!"
I feel you mate, my relatives know I am an atheist, but we never talk about cause it turns into "phase" talk everytime =(....
PS. just upsetting that your own relatives cannot take you serious and think its a rebelion stage of some sort.
My cousin isn't an "atheist" but she stopped going to some church meetings... unfortunately, the LDS church does not like to let go. So while her mother was okay with it, she was getting little notes and such from the church, wanting her to come back, and they regarded it as a phase and grew confident that she'd come crawling back.

I don't believe that she has. :D
Got to love those churches, they welcome you with a car salesman smile, but if you dare to leave...BIG BROTHER is watching! Happened to my friend in Russia, even though he is a beleiver, he decided to go to newly opened Pentacostal church, after few ceremones he didn't like and left...But like an idiot he gave the "pastor" his for holidays he started receiving cards in the mail. When church realized that he is not comming back, he began to get Chick tracts and letters warning about hellfire. Sad.
I think sometimes that religious people feel threatened by us and our views. The ability to believe and "have faith" is so much a part of their dogma that this reaction is their own mental defense mechanism kicking in, the bible even mention that faith is the most important part of being a Christian. I think the aggressive reaction that religious people have toward atheist is what causes many atheist to react back. After all if person "A" hates people "B" it normally follows that person " B" will have person "A".

This has been my experience but others might be different.
to be honest i don't care about religious people, I beleive in 1st Ammendement. If they want to worship Calvin and Hobbes, let them do it in their own bedrooms.
However, when I got those fellows knocking on my door, wanting to put Jesus in my schools, my bedroom, my is a problem, they got to expect to be a little bit offended after our talk.
I think religious people are lying to themselves and I pity them for that. They would hate me because I would challenge them with some of their greatest fears. They will do and say anything to protect the myth of a non existent being and what it stands for in their confused lives.
There is no god, just several billion people terrified of death. I think it's the fear of death that turns most people to fantasy.

I don't think all the Christofacists hate us. I feel that they see us as a group that needs to be saved - like gays or pagans or liberals.
I've been perfectly happy just not giving a second thought to religion, and then my very very very strong Atheist friend has to throw some ideas in my head and make me think a little. I started thinking about death quite a lot actually, and seeing Les Miserables again did not help.

Whether there is a God or not, we should make our lives as long and full as we can.... and for a group that's against killing, Christians can be disturbingly Pro-war. If you believe that the Bible is true, you can't just make excuses as you please... can you?

a group that needs to be saved - like gays or pagans or liberals.

I'm one of those. :P
That is so true. Atheism doesn't do the death thing very well! I always tell a believer if they remember how it was before they were born and if it mattered. Death is the same (lack of) existance - whats the big deal!




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