If you're not familiar with this topic, I suggest reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity

In a nutshell, the singularity is the exponential rise in the sophistication of technology and understanding (if not mastery) of the natural world - physics, chemistry, biology, etc. It is believed that the singularity will be brought on by the increasing power of computation coupled with an array of artificial intelligence capable of simulating and modeling the physical world with extreme resolution.

Some things I'm looking forward to:

1. Self-replicating nano assemblers
2. Fully immersive virtual reality
3. Unlimited energy
4. Terraforming
5. Widespread space travel
6. AI
7. Ending disease
8. Immortality (useful for space exploration)

An example of a recent leap in imaging technology:

Electron microscopy enters the picometer scale

Any thoughts on the singularity?

Open for discussion...

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Sorry for the late reply - been working too much. There is NO escaping the 2nd Law. Michio Kaku in his book 'The Physics of the Impossible' makes the case that the ONLY escape would be to another universe via a Lorentzian traversable wormhole. It may be possible that M-Theory will open other possibilities - but I am skeptical.
It is interesting, I cannot really comment on it other then saying, as a response tot he poster above me, the progress towards AI has been very fast indeed, all you have to do it look at our progress up until the 20th century and from then on, we have gone leaps and bounds in the past 20-30 years. It kind of freaks me out actually.
Frankly, I'm looking forward to direct neural interfaces and quantum computers.

Richard wants a quantum coprocessor.
A matrix-sytle interface would be soooo sweet!
thi the problem i find with the direct neural interfaces concept is
what happens if it falls into the wrong hands or a hacker with a u virus gets at it.
in theory you could reprogram someone via the subconious to believe or do whatever you wish.
it need some serious and well thought out safe gaurds in it
Someday I will be arguing with an android about whether or not there is a god. 'Nuff said.
Watch Ergo Proxy :p
Singularity = SkyNET
Anyone seen this:

Robot with a Biological Brain: new research provides insights into ...

There are many paths to the singularity. Use your imaginations. Artificial intelligence is only one part of the whole. Molecular assemblers, for example, do not require AI.
I am really looking forward to the singularity. As a child, most of us have had dreams of some sort, some career we would have liked to do. I always dreamed of either being an Archaeologist, or a space explorer.

Not an astronaut specifically, but someone who just explores space and planets in general. We had a number of books about things in the universe and our solar system in the house when I was a kid, and it got me interested from a very early age.

The odd thing about wanting to be a space explorer for me was, I never got interested in Star Trek until about 2 years ago when I was 21. When I saw my brother watching it when I was younger it always seemed boring to me. Now when I watch it, being a physics enthusiast, I get interested in the science aspects of everything. They are obviously sciencefiction, but good sci-fi can lead to the real thing, which I'm sure we've all observed.

So, yeah. The possibility of immortality and space exploration combined together give me the most excitement regarding the singularity. Here's to hoping that it occurs before I die!
Have you ever watched Stargate? The science/physics are more up to date. But yeah, I grew up watching Star Trek (old and new).
I watched a bit of Stargate here and there, but only episodes that were well into a story arc, it seemed. I think I am going to watch some of it in the future. It seems like something that you can't jump right in to. At least not comfortably.




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