Dozens blinded in India looking for Virgin Mary

This is both funny and sad.

"At least 50 people have lost their sight after staring at the sun hoping to see an image of the Virgin Mary, according to reports."

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Doesn't happen. Another urban legend/wild rumour.
Doesn't happen to Turkeys, who are smarter than us. So sad.
*snicker* Oh, that's fab! Heh. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

You're right, though. It's sad. Depressing to be human sometimes. You know?
I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Believers can be so stupid.
Lost the "sihgt" but got "insight". Thats what they call "wisdom".
ignorance is NOT a bliss...Sometimes things we don't know about can really hurt us. One good example...if only they were educated enough about the sun and it's blinding effect.... could have been easily avoided.
Ignorance is BLIndneSS
What do these people say after they get blinded?

Let me guess..."I didn't have enough faith"? ...ARGH!
Total, certifiable, FLAMING IDIOTS! Doubtless, they've glanced at the sun before now and it didn't feel so good ... but the VIRGIN MARY can be seen in the sun and that's worth scarring your eyes for life?

Stupid, stupid, STU-FUCKING-PID!
Anyone else have "Blinded by the Light" playing in the head while reading this?
Sure did!

Blinded by the light,
revved up like a dunce,
another retard without sight...
Hail Mary up in space, our eyesight is with thee. Blessed art thou for searing our retinas and blessed is the fruit of our lunacy, being visionless. Holy Mary mother of Sky-Daddy, pray for us now and at the hour of our irrationality. Amen.



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