Dozens blinded in India looking for Virgin Mary

This is both funny and sad.

"At least 50 people have lost their sight after staring at the sun hoping to see an image of the Virgin Mary, according to reports."

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Saint Lucia, patron saint of the blind, has some spares for them...

Just one of the many ways religion has blinded people over the millenia.
I guess the next time they pray, they can tell god that until judgment day comes, they'll keep an eye out for him.
Just more proof that religion makes people insane.
Epic failure.
Just wanted to point out the article dates from 2008.

I only just noticed myself.
Yep, it's not news, it's a classic.
One has to wonder who was the sadist who suggested they do this?
I wonder about the 50 dumber than shit people that listened to the suggestion.
This happened in Ireland last year
Doctor warns against staring into sun at Knock
The Virgin Mary has a very mean way of showing her




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