Apparently, some woman believes that she found Jesus in a Cheeto. Here we go again! And as if the Jesus in the burnt toast wasn't ambiguous enough, this one looks almost nothing like Jesus...


Discuss and laugh.

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or is it Whitney Houston?


Justine Henin?


Geoff Platt ?


The world may never know!
*GASP*!!! I think you're right! :)
Don't forget the dawg -

God reveals himself in mysterious ways.

God reveals himself in cheesy ways.

btw, it seems Jesus' head was reduced before turning to Cheesus.
Clearly this is a sign of the IPU, she has shown herself as a pair of fallopian tubes

in the form of a cheeto.
Insightful and thought provoking...but I'm sticking with Justine Henin ;P
I was actually more thinking of a penis... well phallic symbol anyway :p Really just proves how different some people can associate certain images.
Hah, finally! Someone that agrees with me. I showed it to a couple of my friends, and when I said "doesn't it resemble a phallic symbol?", the best response I got was "it resembles food..."
Of course it's on Fox News.
I actually heard about it through their TV segment. It was one of those ridiculous "this is the biggest news of the day" parts of the news where they pretty much give you previews of it before every commercial break about 3 hours before the actual segment starts. I just decided that I had to tell some other people about how ridiculous it was, so I found the online version and sent it to a few people. Then I remembered that AtheistNexus' comedy section and I had to put it in here. :)
Did they mention if it was a hot n' spicy cheeto? Ya' know "in depth reporting"...




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