Apparently, some woman believes that she found Jesus in a Cheeto. Here we go again! And as if the Jesus in the burnt toast wasn't ambiguous enough, this one looks almost nothing like Jesus...


Discuss and laugh.

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Nope. Watch the video that's in the link I provided, you'll see the bag that she found it from. There's no hot 'n' spicy logo on it. Such a shame, me wuvz t3h hot n spicy cheetoz. Also, the hot 'n' spicy ones tend to be more of a reddish color. :)

She's actually keeping this Cheeto in a safe deposit box! If someone had shown me a piece of food that they claimed looked like Jesus, I'd pick it up, eat it, and run like hell.
Clearly, this lesser deity is trying to emulate our lord FSM (cheese be upon him)!

This demonstrates how PZ may have been mistaken about it being just a cracker.

When they pray, do their fingers get all orange and sticky?
Much like a fig newton is no mere cookie (it's fruit and cake) our new visage of [insert deity] is certainly no mere cracker!

Would mysteriously orange fingers count as stigmata?
i think i'm just going to find random pieces of junk food and claim it looks like jebus or the holy ghost and sell it on ebay to make a living....
Yep. I've been thinking that I'm going to get a stamp in a very ambiguous stamp, heat it up, and sear some tortilla chips with it. Instant Jesus chips!!! Instant money on eBay.
That thought has crossed my mind many times.
I'm almost hesitant to mention it, but this is just too strange to be a coincidence. I, too, had bestowed upon me a great revelation through food this week.

I was eating dinner at the Olive Garden the other day, when...
Hah, it was Cheesus Chrust, not Christ. That's actually a good play on words.
I found Jesus here.
Praises be, it is! Now that, my friend, is comedy! THAT looks a whole lot more like Jesus than the cheeto thing.
ahahhhhhahh. Say, isn't there a movie coming out along these lines?
something about jesus on the side of a guys house.



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