We are fully aware of what theists claim to believe, but do they really believe it? We've seen the hypocrisy, and it certainly looks like many do not live in accordance with what they claim to believe. They often attribute this to human imperfection, but I cannot help but wonder if a better explanation might be the incomplete nature of their belief. If they believed - I mean really believed - wouldn't they devote themselves completely to their god? How could they not?

I am suspicious that theists claim to believe certain things more because of social pressures, real or imagined, than because of actual belief. We know full well that faith confers all sorts of social privileges on the faithful. Couldn't this be far more important in driving religion than belief itself?

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When I was 13 I was in Boy Scouts. It felt strange because I wasn't used to being around an institution that incorporated religion as part of its tenets. I also didn't yet accept my sexuality, but I felt very uncomfortable around the homophobia that was ubiquitous.
Wow. That is a lot of results. Why can't they just let the kids have fun without god? Jesus!
I one hundred percent agree with you. Well put.
Luke 6:30. If you want to test whether a Christian really buys into their own dogma that's the verse to hit them with to see if they really accept it.
I haven't given it much thought, but this is a unique question. I wonder if all the times i was pressured, jumped, yelled at, etc., was because they wanted me to be a part of the club, and not be an outsider. Now that i think about it; the times when i had enough and decided to debate (which is normally a no no for me), they found a way out, and just said that i was angry, or i need to search my soul or something. This way of ending a debate really makes me mad. It's almost like they practice this weaseling out of the issue tactic.
I cannot quite grasp yet how someone can claim to believe in a religion and not be a fundamentalist. It is not self-coherent to only cherry pick the parts that suits you. If you do believe, you know that you will burn in hell for not adhering to each one of the rules.
I know people who strongly believe in god but have adapted it in a more secular view. They more or less took the basics (god, heaven, to be a good person) and ignored the rest. This might maybe arguebly make them more deist than f ex Christian. Regardless, they are believers.
Well...this is a perfect example of someone who is given an answer to their question and does not accept it.... Why is it so hard to believe that someone can believe in something without entirely living up to it? You would hope that at least that is the one thing respected of the Christian religion...it's okay that we make mistakes.

Evolution is the explanation for the complexity of life....but I cannot help but wonder if a better explanation might be...




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