*Warning* The following a succession of links from this post, you may encounter pornography.

Canada's Rock n' Roll Magazine, The Nerve Magazine *Danger, harsh language ahead, NSFW* has an interview with the founder of God's Girls and I'm still confused as to what they are about.

Is this some punk rock in joke I'm not aware of? Is the dichotomy between their name and what they do supposed to be some biting social commentary? Or are they really xtians/theists who have no problem with what they do?

I'm so confused! I could enjoy it if they were nontheists tweaking the nose of *Danger, disturbing content ahead* people like this.

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I'm no expert but having thoroughly examined the evidence I have to agree with The Nerd. My guess is it's just what you suggest, social commentary. I personally know a few girls that have posed for Suicide Girls and I can assure you that they have not killed themselves.

On a similar note, I stumbled upon something earlier tonight that seriously triggered my sense of "should this be arousing?". In all fairness it is an art blog but fairly erotic in sense. **VERY NSFW, in so many ways**

Female Christ in arts: Study of the aesthetic and symbolism of cruc...
Sexist and/or too blindly fundamentalist to accept the symbolism. I'd suspect both in most, if not all, cases.
Facts and links which proves that point?

You sound like Jim Carrey in the nr 23, Fohrer's effect.
So, they're nunjas ?!
haha.... yes....NUNjas!

maybe they are daughters born from the whole COG hookers for jesus thing -

Aw, man. The warning before that second link was not strong enough.




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