Since I started writing about atheism it has become the focus of more and more of my attention. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy explaining atheism to those who don't understand it and those who have a skewed perception of it.

But there are times when I wish I could ignore the fact I'm an atheist for a day or two. Hell, a few hour's break would be welcome.

It used to be simply a part of my overall character, not much more important than my left-handedness. It used to be that being gay was the part of my life people seemed to want to talk about the most. Now it's my atheism. Every day requires a period of time during which atheism is the primary focus of my thoughts.

In a way that's nuts. Why should my reasoned conclusion that gods don't exist have any more of an impact on my life as my reasoned conclusion that garden gnomes are fantastic? I would like to have a day during which the topic of gods was never raised. For just one day I'd like to be able to remember that to me, the fact that gods don't exist isn't the most important attitude I have and doesn't contribute to the quality of my day.

Do you ever get bored discussing or considering atheism?

(I know it might be ironic to introduce such a topic here at aNexus, but what the hell. If I blogged this, chances are I wouldn't get any replies at all. Here I have a chance to read what others think.)

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oh i heard that augement before talk bout stupid you can totally reverse that agurment
its just twisted christian logic to trick people
Like anything else, my brain does not live to the exclusion of all other subject matter. It is interesting to note that considerations of being are the foundations upon which the edifice of personality is built whereas,

garden gnomes are ....less of a foundation.
yes, i'd like to drop it, but my experience has been that it always comes up.
Of course sometimes I do too, but then I always realize that is religion that is bothering me, not atheism!
Arguing with believers on forums bores me into unconsciousness. I don't really do it anymore. If someone offers a wacky defense of faith, I answer with an ultimatum - I'll only discuss it if they will agree to abandon the argument forever if I am able to shoot it down. No one ever agrees. I won't waste my time arguing with someone who is not listening.

Atheism itself is pretty boring. It's hard to stay interested in "nothing".

But reaching out to atheists is starting to appeal to me and I am very excited about this website. I feel like it is important for atheists to meet locally for support and encouragement and to be ready to confront bigotry when it dares to show its face. We also need to reach out to folks who are honestly examining the validity of their faith and to folks who need to come out of the closet.
To be honest I don't really dwell on it that much.
Most atheists seem to be more concerned about explaining their atheism rather than fighting the prejudice that we all face. Believers are brainwashed. Also, believers are going to avoid all attempts by us to give them accurate information. By trying to convince them, we actually push them farther away. As for our diverse population of atheists, we should help them adjust, but educating them about atheistic philosophies is also a waste of time. Unlike theists, atheists must come to their own conclusions after increasing their awareness of reality. Identifying reality, helping them adjust, and fighting the prejudice is the only activities we should be doing. Instead most atheists are knee deep in discussions of atheism and since many have their own separate non deity beliefs, they engage in endless, boring discussions. This does not promote cohesion but dissension.
Atheism is important because religion is important.

OK, the Christians are fairly tame these days, but history shows what happens when they gain political power:

600 years of Dark Ages
200 years of Crusades
600 years of Inquisitions

100 years of back-pedalling (to recover from Darwin's work)

And now the Fundamentalists are trying to get into the education system and send us right back to the Dark Ages.
They have always been trying to get in the educational system here in the U.S.
To the Americans in this forum, I realize that it appears as though we are fighting a hopeless battle against unstopable ignorance.

But actually......,2671,The-Great-Evangelical-Declin...

Keep up the fight fellow Atheists!
I never get bored with being an atheist. I'm a person that loves to be nerdish on everything. My strive to know outweighs my strive for guilt trips.


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