Since I started writing about atheism it has become the focus of more and more of my attention. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy explaining atheism to those who don't understand it and those who have a skewed perception of it.

But there are times when I wish I could ignore the fact I'm an atheist for a day or two. Hell, a few hour's break would be welcome.

It used to be simply a part of my overall character, not much more important than my left-handedness. It used to be that being gay was the part of my life people seemed to want to talk about the most. Now it's my atheism. Every day requires a period of time during which atheism is the primary focus of my thoughts.

In a way that's nuts. Why should my reasoned conclusion that gods don't exist have any more of an impact on my life as my reasoned conclusion that garden gnomes are fantastic? I would like to have a day during which the topic of gods was never raised. For just one day I'd like to be able to remember that to me, the fact that gods don't exist isn't the most important attitude I have and doesn't contribute to the quality of my day.

Do you ever get bored discussing or considering atheism?

(I know it might be ironic to introduce such a topic here at aNexus, but what the hell. If I blogged this, chances are I wouldn't get any replies at all. Here I have a chance to read what others think.)

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Maybe once there's no god crap in the Pledge, on the currency, atheists can run for office and win, there are no more creationist battles in schools, no more opposition to gay marriage or abortion based on religious beliefs, no more objections to condoms and sex education, maybe, just maybe I'll get a bit bored. Maybe.
Hello Jack:

I have to say I agree with many of your sentiments. Why should it be a main focus of your day that you don't believe in something unreasonable? Now that, in itself, seems unreasonable - doesn't it? Once I discovered there was no Santa, it wasn't a big deal because everyone else followed-suit. --Not so with religion. We just can't get away from it.

Like you, my atheisim in the past has always been just another one of my traits. However, I've been trying to be a bit more vocal lately, in the spirit of Dawkins' OUT Campaign and I've found it very frustrating. The most frustrating parts for me seem to stem from my false assumption from the start: that the people I know, even the religious ones, are willing to at least listen to reason and scientific proof.

I don't go around touting that there's no god, or anything like that (although I am honest whenever I'm asked if I beleive), but I do bring up other issues, such as evolution, just to get a feel about people. What I've discovered makes me cringe whenever I think about it: Many people around me (prefessional co-workers, for example), whom I thought were perfectly reasonale people, are telling me they either don't believe in evolution, or they think of it as one possible "theory". When I tell them that we have so much proof from all over the world that it's considered a FACT of science (and only the manner in which it happens is still tweaked as a theory), they still believe that many scientists are in disagreement about it.

They have the common statements like: "Then show me a fish with feet." Or, "Why, then, are there still apes around."
I explain the logic behind it - the massive amounts of time, the massive amounts of proof, and the fact that current apes are on a different branch from us -- but all to no avail. (Also I mention that gravity and math are theories as well and that theories don't 'evolve' into facts, they're just two different kinds of information.)

It wouldn't bother me so much except that I truly believe they only believe these things because they've been brainwashed. I feel if they just had a little of the information currently available, that they would see Reason. Maybe I don't explain things well, or maybe it's impossible to convince people of things -- dispite proof --- either way, I find it so frustrating to know that almost everyone I ever come into contact with is deluding themselves about the most basic facts of our existance. Science doesn't have all the answers, but I wish people would at least listen to the answers we do have.

As for boring? I wish there would come a time when it would be rare for people to base their lives and beliefs on the supernatural -- Indiana is NOT that place. I'd love it if we could all move on to focus on other, REAL, things. But, for now, I feel much like "The Nerd" in this thread -- I love to come online to get a reminder that there are other Reasonable people out there, because they're not in my natural world.

Thanks for listening,
Frustrated ateist in Indiana
>>>>>>> I find it so frustrating to know that almost everyone I ever come into contact with is deluding themselves about the most basic facts of our existance. < Can i get an amen?
Amen! Preach it!
It's not that I get bored with it, it's more like frustration. I feel compelled to try to set people straight when I hear that "Why are there still monkeys - what about irreducible complexity - teach the controversy - it's only a theory" nonsense.

My latent idealism kicks in and I, briefly, think I can actually educate someone. I disregard all my past experience and think, "Hey, this dude has honest questions and will really listen to the answers!" My own bit of magical thinking, I suppose.

On some level, I'd like a break from my compulsion to correct these people but at the same time, on the slightest chance that someone does start to reconsider their position after they talk to me, I guess I'll have to keep doing it.
Until my oldest child started nearing school age I was a blissfully apathetic agnostic-atheist. I do sometimes shake my head at how much thought I put into something I don't believe in. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not as crazy as the believers I scorn. Thinking about atheism has brought out new interests in me. I've learned that protecting the first amendment is something I am passionate about. I'm more politically literate. I have become much more interested in science than I have been in years. I have an interest in philosophy, a subject that I am fairly illiterate on. And so on. I can't give atheism all of the credit, a big part of my renewed interest is the desire I have to teach my children, but I think it's a chicken and egg kind of thing. So for me, I don't think I'll be bored until I've exhausted the things atheism has led me to.
Much like dgolden said, I was a quiet Atheist for much of the last 20+ years. As my daughter started getting older and becoming who she will one day be, I saw bad things on the horizon (My ex-wife was born-again after the divorce). I feared she would become a babbling "Soldier of God" if a little reality didn't seep into her. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch "Jesus Camp", its on netflix instant watch. That is the type of church she's involved in. I, on the insistence of my mother, was not vocal about my Atheism until my ex outed me to her. She told my daughter that I was going to burn in hell, which opened the door to let a few facts about the bible out. We read it together, not the cherry picked version she read in bible class, but the vengeful wrath and hatred parts.

I taught her about evolution, which she knew nothing about at 12 and told her to believe anything she wanted, but to question everything. As a result I have become more vocal about it, and being in a small country town built out of bibles, I can never get my fill of debate, mainly at work so I do have to be careful.

Its like a chess game in which you have all of the other players moves memorized. Theists have their standard arguments that haven't changed in years because they are based on ancient texts and I have an ever growing tool box of examples because science is constant discovery and factual proof. But it does get a little tedious knowing that it will always be an unwinable argument, stalemate after stalemate.
yeah, but why are there still monkeys? just kidding. I always thought that this next phrase by sam harris is compelling > (it's not an exact quote, but similar) >> "how many scientific discoveries have been debunked by religion? Now, on the flip side, how many religious stories have been debunked by science?" It is VERY hard to relate to people who overlook this. I guess that boredom can come into play when i keep to myself all the time. I'm noticing that it's very hard to have any type of genuine relationship (friend, customer, musician, mate - psshh) when we don't agree on this religion stuff. It may be my problem, but i can't get past it. I just know from experience, that i won't change them, and somewhere down the line, it will come up, and change the tone of the relationship. There are certain people that are really nice, and easy to get along with, and i enjoy it, but i know it's about an 80% relationship. There is that thing that we can't discuss, because it will get nasty. I don't know if that's good enough anymore, i want 100%.
Amen to you too Damian!
I sometimes find it a little difficult to relate to even apathetic atheists -- how could they not care that 'creationism' is still being taught in some American schools?? How could it not bother them that half of us (Americans) believe the world is less than 8000 years old?

I do as 'Fizzy' does (above), I try to plant some seeds of Reason and hope something takes hold. (I haven't seen anything grow yet, but I can't not plant when I see soil which seems to be so seedless!)

Thank Reason that we have a Nexus!
All hail Reason!
I agree whole heartedly. I try through my blogs or forum conversations on various sites to inject reason and spread the truth about evolution and the nature of the universe. If we don’t we leave the innocents in society to be led by the blind.
I wouldn`t say I am bored being an atheist, but I am bored listening to the same damn arguments over and over again from fundies. If I hear pascals wager once more i`ll snap.
whats is the "wager"?




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