So I noticed the word 'atheist' is being used an awful lot on this site. I've seen people put it in their profile descriptions, topic titles, tags, groups (check them; every other group's name is following the 'atheists from here and here' pattern.) and FSM knows what else.

The reason for this might be that people are enjoying the idea of an atheist community on the internet; a hideout, if you will. Even I admit that this place, despite not being around for too long, already has this specific nice atmosphere of its own (partly due to absence of trolls).
Maybe people like to spam the word because it a) sounds and feels liberating and b) they'd be hesitant to use it in real life.



If you sign up to a website that's called "Atheist Nexus", we kind of assume you're an atheist by default.

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I think naming it 'Atheist' Nexus was done more out of pragmatism than anything. It's kind of a catch all, if you will. I guess it's either that or have an 'agnostic nexus', 'naturalist nexus', etc.
Yes, but what kind of atheist? A strong, positive atheist? Or one of those lesser, pathetic atheists?
Ok, ok, I know there's a hundred and twenty names for people who don't believe in a God, the point was that the word atheist is being thrown around a lot and I find it funny.
MERCHANDISING! Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising!

Get your Atheist Travel Mugs, Atheist Underoos, Atheist Breakfast Cereal, and, my personal favorite, Atheist Fuel-Air Explosive!
I want an atheist flame thrower!!
"Atheist Arms"?
Or maybe "Godless Goodies"? We can sell the snack food under the "Delicious Desecrations" brand.
Is it ok for me to say that my husband and kids (20yo and 19yo) are atheists?
What about my dogs? Can I say they're atheists even though they seem to think I'm god since I know I'm not?
What are you talking about? I searched, and nobody here is named X.




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