15th February 2008: A 14 years old girl stoned to death by her father. When the father found out about his 14 years old daughter's relationship with a boy, he took her daughter to the mountains and killed her by stoning and then shooting her four times. "She was screaming and begging for her life, but I had to save my honor and didn’t have any other choice than killing her...." - Father.

14th July 2008: Iranians are considering mandatory execution for apostasy.

Iran is one of the few theocracies of the world, execution for apostasy is supported by all of the major Islam schools. Is this the result of a theocracy? When state and religion becomes one. The first news-story i referred to isn't relevant, but I feelt it was worth mentioning so people can see how far this can go for some people.

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I don't understand how you can live with the guilt killing your own child and put it above the guilt of having a morally "tainted" family. What's worse is that I don't understand why only GIRLS are not allowed to have a relationship of their own, but men do.




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