I posted this in another thread a day or so ago, but I hope it might get a wider readership here.

Since I posted it, Richard has provided a budget for Atheist Nexus Phase 1 and, by any accounts, it is a lean and responsible budget. Richard has already worked countless hours for free in keeping this site alive and, if you examine the budget, the monthly salary he has budgeted for himself is minute - in fact, it's less than someone in Australia would get on unemployment benefits!!!!

If you're enjoying this site - chip in - even $10 will make a difference!

Here's my earlier post:

I agree that it would be great to know what the plans for Nexus Phase 1 are. But, I reckon there are times when you simply have to put your money where your mouth is.

We can all see this is a great site and Richard (and the team he so quickly assembled around him) have been working tirelessly for no money and little thanks. If a small contribution from each of us can help them make this a better site, I think that's a very small price to pay.

The potential power of a site which can attract nearly 3000 atheists from around the world in just a few weeks is incredible. I see Nexus as a real opportunity for atheists, worldwide, to unite. We can all sit on the site as it is and grizzle about religion between ourselves - or we can put our money where our mouths are and grow this site into a real force for rationality and reason in a world gone mad. How much is that worth to you? Geez, even Christians know that you have to kick in a bit for the plate every week if you want to keep spreading the word. Why wouldn't we do the same?

So, if it takes a small contribution to keep driving this project forward, I'm happy to give it.

I don't have a lot, but I reckoned I'd happily go out on a weekend and spend $50 on lunch at a good restaurant. I think the potential of this site is worth sacrificing one lunch - at least. And, if it doesn't turn out to be the great investment I think it is - what have I lost? 50 measly bucks.

If you can't manage $50 - give $10. With 2,700 members just $10 each would more than double the target of $12,500.

I know Richard will give us more information as soon as he can, but I didn't feel the need to wait for it - based on his past performance here, I'm putting my trust in his goodwill and good sense.

Come on guys - pitch in!

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I can manage about $25 annually to help the site... and if everyone could this site wouldn't have any problems financially. I'd like to keep it ad-free.
Exactly! It's a small price to pay for the entertainment, intellectual stimulation and friendships formed.
Agreed, it's well worth the donation for an oasis of reason, intelligence, camaraderie, and good will.
The problem is that you need a credit card to donate, right? (Or it looked that way to me at least.) Haven't got one. :(
Send a message to Brother Richard - I'm sure he can suggest some other way to donate.
Hi Kristy:

I've seen many of your posts, as well as those of other AN members who are thankful for for links you provided which led them here. You are a very positive force for AN and I appreciate your efforts! If you have any AN-related efforts in the future with which you need help, just let me know!

(I have donated to AN and will continue to donate, in addition to encouraging others who are able.)
Hi Jude! My role in supporting this site has been infinitesimal but thanks for the recognition. Glad you're enjoying the site and see the value in it that I do. Hugs, Kris




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