We're fast closing in on 3000 members.

Let's start a "no prize" pool, just for fun. It's too hard to determine the time the 3000th member might join, so we'll have to pick a day.

I'm picking Friday, the 8th.

What's your guess?

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I'm going for Tuesday mid-afternoon.
If the 3000th member 'happens' to be Australian (or in Australia, or can get here sometime) I'll donate a night's accommodation at our B&B style home in the hills of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, plus two lunches, dinner and a breakfast for two.
Crap. I will sign up about ten names real quick to get that offer. Although, me and my family might not leave.
You're always welcome, Richard - whether or not you're the 3000th member - hope you're good at chopping wood! ;-)
I think it'll be today, probably around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.
OMG! 3000th member!!! I can't find out who though, s/he's not in the member's list. "Cosmic_Idiot" is member 2999, and the thing says we have 3000 members, but CI is the latest member... Hmm...
I think we have to wait for one more ...... refreshing page ...... refreshing page ..... refreshing page ...... LOL
Refresh no longer, here she is!!! http://www.atheistnexus.org/profile/ManiacalKat
I win! :D
Congratulations Skylar! You get one year's free membership of Atheist Nexus! LOL!
LOL. I will be sure to paint an A|N banner on my wrist brace when the carpal tunnel sets in. ;)
Yeah, by TWO MINUTES!!! lol... sneaky bastard




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