I have tried and tried without success to change my profile photo. I can upload photos, but the profile photo refuses to change. Anybody?

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What did you do?
Here's the steps I took:
go to your profile
click "change my photo" under your current profile picture
Next to where it says "profile photo", there should be a tiny thumbnail of your current photo and a square for you to click. Don't forget to allow scripts, otherwise it won't show up. If you don't know what scripts are, you probably don't have to worry about it.
Select "Upload an image from your computer"
browse for a photo
Click "Done"
and don't forget to save your profile.
Thank you! I wasn't saving my profile after uploading the picture. Now it works.
I also cannot update my photo. When I click the link I am taken to the MY SETTINGS PROFILE PAGE, but there is nothing next to "Profile Photo."

Scripting is enabled but features like "Quick Add..." or even "Sign Out" will not function.

I set my photo up with Ning ID and it shows up everywhere else.
I too, am having this problem. There is nothing next to "Profile Photo."




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