Seems like something happened yesterday or the day before. The menus on top row drop down behind the bottom row making it quite difficult (impossible) to use the community menu.

I would assume this is a known issue but I wanted to mention it because it's painful to navigate the site this way.

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Thank you Dawn, it's being looked into. Sorry about that.
Okay, wait. I think this is due to a larger than default font size in FF. I have it set higher because the resolution on my screen makes text teeny and hard to read. With the font at the default the menus are just one line rather than two so the problem is eliminated. Also I had noticed that some other formatting was funky and it's perfect at the default font size.

So I guess it's me. Although I will say that I've never noticed a problem like this at other web sites and it was okay until yesterday or the day before. Seems like there should be a way to code around this. I can't be the only person in the world that likes a larger font. Can I?

Thanks Stephanie for looking into it.




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