It seems as though "religious right" is a compound, indivisible there such a thing as the "religious left" or the "atheist right"? Are all atheists Democrats (the ones who aren't socialists, anarchists or nihilists, that is)? Is there an atheist Republican in the house? (I know there are no atheists in the House, but that's a different question).
Just wondering.

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I have followed a very similar political path. I would add that I feel that Republicans do not think that government should ever help those in need (except for people that they know personally) and Democrats have long accepted a broken, inefficient system that does not ensure that those receiving aid really cannot fend for themselves.
Isn't "religious right" an oxymoron?

People aren't easily categorized. At best one can say people of that political party, religious view, age group, or beverage preference tends towards ________. These titles describe a bell curve which peaks at point "X", but don't do justice to describing an individual. So to answer your question; yes, those people are out there.

As for myself; I am unaffiliated with any political party, I am an atheist, I'm 30 years old, I prefer a good stout beer, and I have told you barely anything about who I really am.
My husband has gone conservative on me. He's still atheist, but he doesn't like the direction that the Dem's are going, so he switched.
I'd say he's liberal in most other facets of life, however.
He also keeps his religious convictions hidden because he's active in our community, which is very conservative.
Personally, I think a lot more conservatives are atheist, or at least moving away from religion, than we know about.
I bet they keep quiet just to fit in.
If you don't mind me asking, i was wondering what aspects of Conservatism you are attracted to ,and what ideals of the Republican party you incline to as well.I'm just curious and am fascinated by the US two part system
If you're addressing me, Riaz, I'm not attracted to any aspect of the American political system. In fact, I have long advocated scrapping the entire electoral process and starting over with a meritocracy.
I posed the question as a matter of curiosity...I keep hearing about the "religious right", but have never heard of an "atheist left".
Read Bill O'Reily's Culture Warrior he doesn't shut up about it.
Is it ok if we just assume it is blow hard bullshit and save our eyes and minds from it. Please?
Thank you for your eloquent and rational explanation of why a free thinking individual might identify with republicans more than democrats. It's heartening to hear that someone else thinks without some form of theism is his politics.
Palin is the scariest thing that's happened to American politics since...ever! She's a member of the Dominionist cult, is pro-drilling, anti-choice, anti-sex education, creationist, wife of a BP employee, mother of five (one a Downs syndrome infant, another a pregnant teenager) and currently involved in a government scandal. And is as qualified for office as Minnie Mouse. To think she's next in line, after a man who is clearly suffering from Alzheimer's, is positively terrifying!
I met a very scary young lady called Rachel S. Stephens online who bewailed the fact that the conservatives no longer have any political representation in the USA. According to her, the Republicans, under Bush, are way too far to the left for her tastes!

Here is her article:

"The Republican Party Does Not Speak for Me"

I ’m 19 and a staunch conservative straight from the most liberal area in the U.S. — San Francisco. I thought when I came to ... University I would meet other conservatives like myself. I was wrong. What I did find were a great number of people who called themselves “conservative” but were really libertarians, uninformed fence riders or flat-out leftists.
Needless to say, I was quite dismayed. It reminded me how I felt while the Republicans had been in power.
I recently lamented to a fellow conservative over the fact that when I was asked to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans, I found myself saying, “There’s not much of a difference anymore.”
It was as if there was no party that shared my beliefs.
As we continued to talk, I realized what the problem was. We are conservatives and this entire time we have made the mistake of interchanging “Republican” with “conservative.” Today, especially during this administration, these words are anything but synonymous.
They are so different that when I turned 18, I registered as “No party affiliation” rather than associate myself with the Republican Party.
It would be ridiculous to think the GOP stands up for the principles other conservatives like myself hold dear. The GOP does understand one thing, though. It needs Christian conservatives to vote for them if they want to keep their jobs.
The GOP has repeatedly courted, mislead, taken our vote and then completely disregarded our principles and beliefs. We have been bullied into keeping our mouths shut by politicians and our fellow party members when we question our leaders’ actions.
They make excuses for our do-nothing leaders by spouting leaders can not change things because of separation of church and state, or they jump straight to name calling and use terms such as “Bible-thumper,” “conspiracy theorist,” “nut case” or “whack job.”
The Republicans had the majority in Congress for 12 years. Twelve years, and they did nothing — they were stagnant. Things can become mighty murky during stagnation, to the point people cannot see the nasty things that brew beneath the surface.
What did the GOP give us? An expanded government through things such as the Patriot Act; a president who, according to the Government Accountability Office, has spent $430 billion over the past five years on a poorly planned “War on Terror;” an expansion of the Department of Education; a “temporary guest-worker program” for illegal immigrants to legally work in the U.S. — just to name a few.
What is going on here? Have the Democrats had all the power instead of the Republicans?
I am a Christian conservative. I believe in having a small government, that people have a right to keep their incomes for themselves instead of having it stripped away dollar-by-dollar through taxes.
I believe in personal responsibility and accountability. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman only and our borders and language define our country.
I believe in responsible capitalism and the punishment should fit the crime. I believe in freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.
Because I believe in these things, I am neither Democrat nor Republican.
It is frustrating that as a conservative, I do not have a party I can associate with that shares my ideals.
It is paramount Christian conservatives realize the influence we possess.
It is time for us to band together to form our own party, one that has a conscience and conservative principles and ideals.
We must elect leaders who share our beliefs instead of wasting our votes on do-nothing Republicans.
Let’s join together to put some true conservatives into office."
Now, that's downright terrifying! I thought kids her age were generally anti-establishment rebels, but this one sounds as old and hidebound (and uninformed) as McCain himself! I sure hope her "call to arms" falls on deaf ears. The prospect of a whole herd of young militant thumpers banding together is a truly frightening one. Can you say "Hitler Youth Movement"?
Kind of makes you want to raise the voting age again doesn't it. Actually I would agree that there should be a difference between the republicans and the religious zealot party. BTW I get very, very annoyed when these crazy new breed (Thanks Reagan) of Repugs. talk about Abraham Lincoln like he was one of them. No, he was not. The first Republicans. In all fairness, the splitting of the party did come very early in its tenure, but you see my point.


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