It seems as though "religious right" is a compound, indivisible there such a thing as the "religious left" or the "atheist right"? Are all atheists Democrats (the ones who aren't socialists, anarchists or nihilists, that is)? Is there an atheist Republican in the house? (I know there are no atheists in the House, but that's a different question).
Just wondering.

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I agree - haven't read all the posts, so sorry if someone already posted this, but I think we need to scrap the current system for electing our president because it traps you in too many conflicting ideals.
i cooled on the skeptic movement a few years back when it seemed like it was becoming a front for libertarians

"I've been reading parts of Isaac Asimov's memoir I. Asimov, and this quote caught my eye (page 308):

He always pictured himself a libertarian, which to my way of thinking means ``I want the liberty to grow rich and you can have the liberty to starve''. It's easy to believe that no one should depend on society for help when you yourself happen not to need such help.
Quite so. One reason why I say Libertarianism Makes You Stupid.

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in quotes | on November 09, 2002 11:48 PM (Infothought permalink)
quick reply - I haven't read all the replies, but i consider myself to be conservative. I've been experiencing alot of Obamamania in the non religious community; just wanted to stand up and be counted. I'll be back later to read all the replies, I'm Huuungry.
Damian...Please tell me your reply doesn't mean you supported McC and Cruella de Wasilla! There's NO WAY an atheist could have allowed an EndofDays Dominionist anywhere near the White House! Say it ain't so, Damian.
Ironically Libertarians, being socially permissive and fiscally conservative could count. It depends on the definition really.
The question doesn't necessarily refer to parties, labels or affiliations, Creature. I'm wondering if any individuals who consider themselves to be atheists did or would vote for a right wing candidate.
Hello Ruth,

I believe the religous folks come from a wide spectrum. From extreme conservatives to just believing in a god, but not really practicing faith as most other religous people. Athiest I find have vering views of the world and its events, but usually have a live and let live attitude that seems to give Athiest thier own classification. As for Athiest in Government people would say no, but a anonymous survey done in the late 80s' given to politicians from all aspects of government came back with this conclusion: 42% of politicians said they go to church and say they believe in a god because that is the only way they could ever get elected. So yes there is most likely Athiest in Government, good luck finding a politician that will admit it though.
Are there any conservative atheists who oppose gay marriage or are pro-life?

You will probably want to read through the discussions “Pro-Life” in the “Politics” folder and “Are there any Pro-Live Atheists Out There?” in the Ethics and Morals” folder.
Well I haven't looked at all the replies yet however I will say at one point I was an atheist and a republican. I use the term "republican" lightly, however, because in truth I am really way to young to have any real party affiliation, and I couldn't count the number of times I have "become" a democrat, republican, libertarian ect... I think much of it has to do with where our society is, where our nation stands, and what I'm reading at that point. Currently I would call myself a libertarian however I've been leaning away from this ideology, because I find that, as with any fundamentalist movement, its becomes pompous and illogical.
My grandfather (d. 2007, age 93) was a lifelong atheist and hardcore conservative Republican who was an acquaintance of Richard Nixon's. (When he was still a Senator Nixon was an occasional houseguest at my grandparents' home when he got the chance to come to eastern Washington state.). He didn't talk about his nonbelief unprompted, but if asked he didn't shrink from the admission. My sister has grown more conservative as she ages, and she is an atheist.
I for one am what would seem to be a grab bag of values in today's culture, but really there's a consistant theme. I am...
Small Gov't
Pro-Homosexual Marriage
Essentially I don't like to give over any power or choice to my government because I think it's obvious they would abuse it.




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