It seems as though "religious right" is a compound, indivisible there such a thing as the "religious left" or the "atheist right"? Are all atheists Democrats (the ones who aren't socialists, anarchists or nihilists, that is)? Is there an atheist Republican in the house? (I know there are no atheists in the House, but that's a different question).
Just wondering.

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If you define 'right' as pro-small government, I have two examples for you: Penn & Teller.
As for the 'religious left,' I have met and am friends with a couple rather liberal Christians and as mentioned, they are mostly not so deluded.
This about sums up my opinion...though more eloquently and with a little less emotion. With all this spare time now I can grab a double double. Thanks!
I am conservative. Religion, oddly enough, is not. Okay, it's not odd at all.

I keep to what's known and don't base any decisions on wild, insane suppositions and keep an unbalanced version of the world in my mind, censoring facts that are more useful if left to overturn my current understanding and lifting up random other things.

I keep to the basics.

Occasionally, I'll make decisions based on a strange, weird model, but these usually turn out pretty well.

I am conservative. The religious are not. I stick to basics.
I see this is old, but really interesting....

First, you have to define conservative. I think for purposes here, conservative is being defined as the religious right. However, there are many facets of conservatism/liberalism that do not fit at all into the democrat/republican duopoly. For instance, in our country's definition, conservatives like god, guns, limited government (except where they want gov't intrusion such as gay marriage bans), less government spending, pro-military. Liberals like pro-choice, education, the environment, government "management" of key aspects of the economy. Along those lines, it is tough to define whether a non-believer can be a conservative. That being said, I think it is entirely possible to want a limited government role while being socially liberal.... guess that's libertarian. I think my main point is that the two parties have stolen the terms liberal and conservative and wedged them into their belief systems.
On Forums I've run across a goodly number of American atheists who describe themselves as "Libertarians". I'd also describe them as slightly to the right of Attila The Hun.

Here we have atheists in both the Senate and Lower House,on what passes for the left in Australia as well as on the right.We've also had Atheist Prime Ministers on both sides.

Our incumbent government is The Australian Labor Party, which began as the politic arm of the Trade Union Movement. Today it's centre left. Our Prime Minister is Church Of England. (Episcopalian) but claims to admire Friedrich Bonhoeffer. (I guess to show the armchair socialists and Christian democrats he has a social conscience)

Religious Left: Liberation Theology

From wiki:

"Liberation theology is a school of theology within Christianity, particularly in the Roman Catholic Church. It emphasizes the Christian mission to bring justice to the poor and oppressed, particularly through political activism. Its theologians consider sin the root source of poverty, believing sin as exploitative capitalism and class war by the rich against the poor."
I was a Democrat most of my life, but I was also an Atheist. I prefer "Born Again Heathen" to Atheist. Too many people associate Atheist to Communist or evil doer. I have recently become more of a conservative democrat and if the current administration keeps screwing things up I will change my voting registration to Republican as I have voted for a bunch of them this past election.

When people call us Communist the tend to forget that the Christian bible is the same as Communist Manifesto. It has three main charactors with lots of deciples telling you what you are allowed to do. Both of them surpress free thought.
What void does a church fill that government leaves behind?
I've met ONE conservative atheist. He was a staunch Bush fan, and hated "librools" with a demented passion. I could never figure him out. I eventually decided there was something a little bit wrong with him.

Liberal Fascism. Jonah Goldber

pp 253-4

"There is a general consensus among liberal historians that Progressivism defies easy definition. Perhaps that's because to identify Progressivism properly would be too inconvenient to liberalism, for doing so would expose the eugenic project at its core. The most obious reply- that progressives were merely reprsenting the age they lived in - fails on several levels. For one thing, the progresive eugenicists and non-progressive, anti-eugenic adversaries - premature conservatives, radical libertarians, and orthodox Catholics - whom the progresives considered to be backward and reactionary."
"For another, arguing that progressives were a product of their time simply reinforces my larger argument: Progressivism was both the fascist moment and has never faced up to its inheritance. Today's liberals have inheritied progressive prejudice wholesale, believing that traditionalists and religious conservatives are dangerous threats to progress. But this assumption means that liberals are blind to fascisitic threats from their own ranks"

Aside from the big words, this sounds like a Sarah Palin speech. Incoherent, illogical and totally lacking in reason.
I have heard of atheist that call themselves conservatives.It seems mostly every conservative I meet is a Christian and they don't want a wall between Church and State.I just wonder how
Republican atheists deal with that.
Actually, there is one confirmed atheist in the House: Pete Stark of California.




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