Hi, my name is Jen. I am a 23-year old graduate student from San Antonio, Texas.  I am currently living outside Los Angeles while attending the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles (forensic clinical psychology for anyone interested).  I am not originally from anywhere, as I have lived in five states thus far.  XD I hope to work in a prison setting after I get my doctorate.

I grew up in a Christian household with a Mexican democratic mother, a white republican father, and a younger sister.  I was hyper-religious as a middle schooler (as many are), trying to fit into a community.  It was not until around the middle of high school that I just stopped believing so much.  There was no defining moment, unless you count when my sister figured it out.

I am a geek.  A computer geek by proxy because of my general choice in friends, but definitely a geek.  I enjoy anime and computer games I don't have to pay a subscription fee for.  I'm fascinated by cake decorating, dollhouses, serial killers, and random facts.  I enjoy cooking and baking but rarely do so unless it's for other people.

Most of my male computer geek friends are atheists, so I'm used to being able to voice my criticisms around them easily enough.  It's around my family (especially my father's side), most of my female friends, and peers that I have to watch myself.  It's amazing to see how often people just assume everyone around them believes the same way they do.  Nothing like the shock that crosses people's faces when they realize that they are talking to a real live atheist. XD  My parents expressly forbid me to mention any of my personal or political views around my dad's father, as we are staunchly opposite in views.

I'm surprised if you actually read this entire novel.  XD

TL;DR: I'm from Texas and I'm a geek.

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus!
I hope you enjoy your stay ^.^
Welcome! Are you getting into the criminal investigation field or something?
It would be nice to be a consultant for police once I've gain enough years of experience. I'm going for prison psychology for now, working with criminals who are mentally ill.
Anime, computer games, serial killers. Cool. :)

Here's a group for Anime lovers

and for gamers

Ooops, no group for followers of serial killers. :P Why don't you create one? NBK (natural born killers.) I, too am fascinated with serial killers and into anime and computer games.

Welcome to A|N. :)
Thank you for the links.

I'll stick to the facebook fan group, thanks. XP I'm seriously surprised they haven't been closed down for having pictures of victims when a breastfeeding group keeps receiving warnings.
Welcome! I'm also a geek... but the type that USE to pay subscriptions to play lol.
Some of my friends still do. There needs to be a WoW support group. >.X




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