Water cooler seems like the proper place to enter this wide open topic. I hope I'm correct about that (... I'm just brainstorming, after all.)

Here's an example of the kind of thing I'm thinking belongs under this topic:

Is there any reason that AtheistNexus couldn't become a pseudo-charitable business similar to those of the religious groups? If we gathered together a hundred good recipes, for example, is there anything that would stop us from publishing an Atheist Family Cook Book and selling it for profit to generate money for our organization? And better yet, could we eventually aim ourselves toward become an Atheist Publishing House to earn money through the works of those popular authors we all tend to read anyhow... Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens and the like? Could we sell other things? What do you think?

It's just a thought, of course, but lets kick it around and talk about it's possible merit. Or... let's discuss you're Wild Hair idea...

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I'm imagining a glossy coffee table book brought out in time for the winter holidays called: "An Atheist Family Christmas"

This is definitely a great idea. If you, or anyone else has any experience in this, or want to get it started, please contact me. Some of the first printing we could do, is publish some atheism "tracks" I have been working on.

Keep Brainstorming!

Brother Richard
Keep keepin-on... OK...

I guess we'll need a place to edit and assemble copy on-line. I suppose limited access file space would be necessary for security and organization reasons. We seem to have a willing (and I hope experienced) volunteer in The Nerd...

What else is needed to get started on the first three projects: "An Atheist Family Christmas" "An Atheist Family Cook Book" and "Brother Richard's Tracks"?

Are there any legal hurdles to jump...?
Can we make a An Atheist Poets book too? :)) or somesuch. I notice a lot of writers here, would be really cool to publish your stuff (doesn't have to be about religion at all) in a collective book.
Keep after these ideas... all of them... they're sounding better and better by the minute.
I was actually thinking of starting up a series of Jack Chick styled tracts to promote free thought, with the comics and everything... cheap enough to send out en masse and leave on subway seats and look interesting enough to pick up and read. It'd be neat if we could get some serious viral material going.
That would be kool... We could easily do that by making it available as a printable download. Once it developed into a "volume of issues" it could be re-distributed in a salable book form as well. (Keep it in mind that we want to earn money for our authors and for our not-for-profit, all volunteer, Nexus publishing house.)
I got my 3 yo niece this for crass-mass last year - its a "my first alphabet" book for headbangers. How about an atheist ABC book ?
Great idea.... There's no reason that I can think of that could make a better impact on a child than to give them a taste of god-free-truth. "R" is for reason.

So how about sitting down and writing that little item for us...? You could ask for interested illustrators in our own artist group and perhaps find a co-author in our writers group.

We appear to have some developing resources at our fingertips, don't we... lets all get to work.
I volunteer in advance to help on the artistic end :P
You got it... Thanks.
I completely agree with you... I'm just writing things down that come rapidly to mind. ( LOL... sorry about that. You may feel free to think of me as a wacked-out sicko next time.)

I did manage, however, to hold sway on myself for the children's ABC book title... "R" is for reason. That's not too super aggressive, is it???? LOL

Hey... Wanna give us some of your best, Everett? Have you got something we could possibly consider publishing?




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