Water cooler seems like the proper place to enter this wide open topic. I hope I'm correct about that (... I'm just brainstorming, after all.)

Here's an example of the kind of thing I'm thinking belongs under this topic:

Is there any reason that AtheistNexus couldn't become a pseudo-charitable business similar to those of the religious groups? If we gathered together a hundred good recipes, for example, is there anything that would stop us from publishing an Atheist Family Cook Book and selling it for profit to generate money for our organization? And better yet, could we eventually aim ourselves toward become an Atheist Publishing House to earn money through the works of those popular authors we all tend to read anyhow... Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens and the like? Could we sell other things? What do you think?

It's just a thought, of course, but lets kick it around and talk about it's possible merit. Or... let's discuss you're Wild Hair idea...

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Also, on the Biblical Criticism group here there's some serious talk about problems with the Gospels. Lotta brainpower there to draw on.

An Atheist Guide to the Gospels could definately be fun for the group. I've already replied to your thread in Scriptural Criticism, but thought I'd chime in here as well. Before I start a thread on the Gospels, I'll see if anyone else weighs in on your thread about an Atheist's Guide. I think that if you, myself, and Michael Davis are on board, we can probably draw everyone else's interest.
As an atheist, I sometimes feel a bit alienated 'round Christmas time, although I would like to be able to partake in traditional family/friend related stuff. For a recipe book like this, the recipes, obviously, would remain neutral, but each one could be accompanied by, say, a story of an atheist's perceived alienation/exclusion and what they did to counteract that and make Christmas time bearable/tolerable/enjoyable. Helpful tips. You know, feel good stuff for the godless when the godfilled around them gets to be too much.
Hey Latin, you could use my Christmas story. :-)

Australians celebrate Christmas in summer and it's become traditional for communities across the country to hold pre-Christmas outdoor "shows" in their local parks. These usually feature school kids and local celebrities singing some carols along with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, etc. A feature we always enjoy is the arrival of a drunken Santa flinging candy at the kids off the back of a truck. (In one memorable year, Santa staggered onto the stage and toppled right off!) People in the audience bring along candles to wave, thus these events are called, "Carols by Candlelight".

Despite carol singing being involved these events are highly secular - no prayers, no sermons, etc. It's a cultural event, not religious.

Anyhoo, my Mum and I used to love going to our local Carols by Candlelight. But, one year, as we arranged our deck chairs and took out our spiked thermos of coffee, we realized the local council was no longer running it - they'd delegated responsibility to a local evangelical church.

Thus, we were subjected to a service, serious carol singing and solemn recitations on the true meaning of Christmas. We were horrified! We wanted to sing our usual, "Hark the Hairy Angels Sing" and "While Shepherds Washed Their Socks by Night" but this was not the kind of event at which you could do that.

I was so incensed I said to my mother, "Bloody Christians! NOW they're taking over Christmas!"

I'll admit it did take a minute or two for the humour of that remark to sink in. :-)
I think it would be great idea, I've never tried to get anything published, but I'm sure it's probably more difficult for atheist material to get published because of religious bias.
Getting ahead of bias is a benefit I hadn't though of, but you're probably right on target.

Keep chiming in with your thoughts and polish up on your writing skills...

On a small scale, Love Police might be interested - they did "M is for METAL"
I also really like this idea..it could be the start of something really big.
Pick your favorite flavor Everett... I sort of favor the last topic. It might be sort of a history to date. Are you on it for about 10,000 words?

Excellent... keep that thought and let's see what we can do.

Are you willing to help get things rolling by contributing as a writer or by acting as a writers assistant, project editor... etc etc. There's plenty to do. What's your pleasure miss?

Great... Your work can be anything you'd like, any genera, and doesn't have to be related to atheism at all. We want to simply become a publishing house for our own people (and non-atheists if they'd like) to guarantee our voice is heard when we need it to be and to earn some non-profit money to help support Nexus.

Church groups and religions do this all the time... why shouldn't we?

I'll be sending you a friend request. Please accept it. Your help will be appreciated to put this thing together.

In the mean time, take a look at this: (As a last resort, we can do this.) http://www.lulu.com/en/?gclid=CIGX-Lj0hpUCFQZqswodTmH6tg

As would I.
How about t-shirts (e.g. with the Nexus logo, and/or some witty phrase, on them)? I'd buy one of those. Although I guess there's lots of places that sell cool t-shirts already...

As for all the other ideas, I'd love to see even a couple of them come to life!




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