Water cooler seems like the proper place to enter this wide open topic. I hope I'm correct about that (... I'm just brainstorming, after all.)

Here's an example of the kind of thing I'm thinking belongs under this topic:

Is there any reason that AtheistNexus couldn't become a pseudo-charitable business similar to those of the religious groups? If we gathered together a hundred good recipes, for example, is there anything that would stop us from publishing an Atheist Family Cook Book and selling it for profit to generate money for our organization? And better yet, could we eventually aim ourselves toward become an Atheist Publishing House to earn money through the works of those popular authors we all tend to read anyhow... Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens and the like? Could we sell other things? What do you think?

It's just a thought, of course, but lets kick it around and talk about it's possible merit. Or... let's discuss you're Wild Hair idea...

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I think we have already started that through a CafePress store. Click on "Shop" from the bar menu above.

But yes.... T-shirts, hats, flags, mugs, bumper stickers, and the like can all be sold to benefit the website.

A publishing house, however, can benefit individual members (our writers and artists and musicians) and at the same time earn money for maintaining Nexus.

I think all these ideas are in the realm of reality. We only have to organize ourselves and do them. Nexus (and the efforts of some brilliantly farsighted people) is making that happen.
T-shirts: "There's A REASON Why Atheists Don't Fly Planes Into Buildings"


And the cafepress link is empty.
LOL... Yes there is..! And more than just one reason, I should hope.
Have any of you got magazine publishing experience? That's another idea we ought to explore.
You bet it is Everett... I know you're busy with plenty of other projects but are you thinking at all about editing and contributing for a Nexus Monthly magazine? We really ought to be getting something in place for one, don't you agree?

I'm pretty sure you'd find support on this from Brother Richard especially since he'd probably want to contribute to it. There's no doubt that our membership would would appreciate reading a good news feature or two.
I don't mean to be a killjoy here (it's always fun to come up with variuos creative ideas), but does anyone have any more ideas as to how to make any of this economically feasible/financially possible? Can't do anything without the cashflow...

Also, how about some non-psuedo-charitable stuff? I'd really like to see A/N push to do some real good in the world under an atheist banner, to counteract all the negative perceptions of the godless.

I would also like to see A/N become a hotbed of activism. That's just me.
I agree about doing community work. I saw a story about "Clean Up Australia Day" yesterday - community groups go out and clean up litter - and I thought it would be cool to have a heap of people in atheist t-shirts doing that!

I've been toying with a bigger idea though, and it might just mesh with the idea of a magazine. I'm thinking maybe we could try to make 'Nexus' a real 'nexus point' for Atheist organizations from around the world. They can go on doing their own thing, but if they have issues or causes where they want wider support, they could communicate through Atheist Nexus. I was thinking, for example, of a group called "Combined Australian Atheist Organizations". There could, of course be "Combined" groups for each country and maybe a "World Atheist Organizations" group for communication about global issues.

I'm thinking of atheists getting together for conferences, to lobby governments, to start letter writing campaigns to newspapers, to get together for charity or community work - whatever we can do to network and use the power we have in numbers (if only we can all get together).

Now back to the magazine idea, most individual atheist organizations couldn't afford to publish their own magazine, but maybe we could offer them a column in ours - not just groups from the USA but from around the world. It would be a great way to keep in touch with each other, boost subscriptions, spread the word about Nexus and make Atheist Nexus a true 'nexus' for global atheism.
Excellent, excellent ideas Kristy.
I agree with IsThatLatin, these are excellent ideas Kristy!
Your vision and mine are in complete agreement Kristy... Please keep posting.

I've asked if Nexus can be formatted into other languages (You've all seen this on other sites, I'm sure. A small set of national flags that allow users to view pages translated into their own language: Spanish, German, Japanese, etc.). My request was specifically made to give these kinds of international support projects the possibility of becoming reality. So far I've had no official response on the question but I'm confident that this feature is both reasonable and possible - it can and probably will happen over time.
There are so many great ideas coming out of the membership and I know that they will all be dealt with eventually. But, we have to remember that, at the moment, Richard is working 24/7 unpaid and is probably focussing on those things he and his team have prioritized as urgent.

I think it's important that we keep coming up with suggestions but remember to be patient because everything just can't be done at once - doesn't mean your idea is being ignored or that it's not a great idea!
Everything costs of course... There's no reason in the world that Nexus can't raise money if we take up the tasks of doing the things that favor the fancy of our community.

If Nexus becomes organized as a not-for-profit business and if Everett can put together a popular and attractive donation-required monthly magazine (available for download initially and eventually available in print, too) then the problems of finance would be solved.

Combine this with Kristy's excellent ideas to involve and support the efforts of smaller, world-wide atheist organizations and we'll have a real winner.

Initially, we'll need to get behind the issues of becoming not-for-profit organization (and I believe those wheels are already turning - for details and conformation, ask Brother Richard).




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