If you're a MySpace user, would you please join in this discussion.

What are you doing to locate other atheists on Myspace who might want to join Nexus, too?

In addition to posting a Nexus badge on you page, are you doing anything else that helps promote our growing AtheistNexus community?

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I didn't even know about the Nexus Badge! I have a ton of atheist friends on MySpace. I'll try to get that badge up and see if I can recruit some more!
You can copy the code for a badge from our Nexus home page (upper right corner - click on the badge and there it is.)... Then just paste it into your MySpace profile and you're all set.

I have a badge on my page, I've sent out a couple of bulletins to my friends urging them to join, and I have a note about ManiacalKat being the 3000th member of Atheist Nexus on my status bar.
I was attracted to Nexus by a MySpace friend, Cheryl, who sent out a bulletin that caught my eye. It was one of the best things I've gotten out of MySpace (although I still find that it's a fun site to use.)

I've been posting my anti-religious blogs and using "cute" anti-religious animations to draw attention to my page and then letting the Nexus badge do the rest, but I'd like to get more aggressive about passing the word. So... I'm lookin' here for new ideas.

The ManiacalKat story is a great idea. I might have to give that a try. (I hope you won't mind.)
Go for it! :-)
Have you posted an "Nexus Phase 1,Chip-in badge" on your MySpace page? You can see what that is and get the code from our own A/N home page (it's in right hand column - red and white. Just click "copy" and paste it onto your MySpace profile.)

It won't hurt to ask for donations and perhaps recruit a new member or two at the same time, will it? Give it a try.
I deleted my account on myspace a couple weeks ago. I heard about myspace deleting a large atheist group. Also, i had "friends?" on my list that i never talked to on a regular basis. I think the majority of them don't know that i am atheist. I had my nephew as a friend, and he wouldn't hesitate to tell everyone who would listen. It just started to feel goofy, unnecessary, and fake. It was a music site. I know for a fact that it would've upset people on my list, so i cancelled it. I didn't want to maintain it either, it was a time management issue too. Myspace can be addictive. I may start up again, i'm not sure. If i do, i'll be upfront about being atheist. Some of my family may find out. I'm not too thrilled about that right now. I had my reasons.




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