What atheist bloggers would you like to see interviewed?

Over at the Atheist Spot Blog, we're about to start running a series of interviews with some prominent, and some not-yet-prominent, atheist bloggers. I'm expecting this to be really interesting. What I'd like to ask here is...who would you like to see interviewed?

I'll take all of the suggestions and try connect with each one of the bloggers. Also, if you have a blog, and would like to participate in the interview series, definitely let me know.

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They'll be very informal interviews, over email, nothing overly serious. I apologize if I made myself out to be the next Mike Wallace :)

It's just something I'm trying to do to help foster the atheist blogger community, and get to know the people behind the blogs we read.

Any recommendations?
How about Brother Richard?
Very nice, I'll try to contact all skipchicks and brother richard. The cognitive daily blog looks awesome, though probably not the right fit for this series. Thanks for the input!
For those interested, the first interview has just gone up:

We've got an interview with vjack up next:

You should interview Greydon Square. His fresh in your face music gives a voice to rational thinking.Hip Hop is not my kind of music but I LOVE his.
He's at www.myspace.com/greydonsquare
Are YOU Greydon Square? Be honest.
No I am not. But I an a huge fan. I respect his military service and what he has to say. Maybe I'll start a fan club.LOL




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