Since I read an article on the God gene, in other words, the concept that there is gene in humans that predisposes them towards religious belief, I have been more tolerant and understanding of theists. After all, they can't all be idiots can they?
Today I found an interesting scientific article about how electrical stimulation of the brain can cause a religious experience. Here is the link

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I tend toward the view that the brain is very complex and one gene or set of genes is not likely to put someone into the religious bunch versus others who do not have said gene expressions.

I am wondering if there is a misunderstanding about the gene-brain issue. I am probably wrong. I assume everyone here is familiar with Michael Persinger's "God Helmet" experiments.

I am wondering if the god gene is alledgedly responsible for expressing/building the brain circuitry/dysfunction (e. g. temporal lobe epilepsy) that is alledgely stimulated by the god helmet...? Or are these two separate hypotheses?
Electrical Stimulation causing a religious experience. Hmmm.... Maybe sticking your equipment in a light socket might....Sorry! This comment belongs on the comedy board. Seriously though the use of ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) in addition to reorganizing brain activity was thought, in some circles, to the bring the "light" back into possessed people.
Without saying that there IS or is NOT a gene for predisposition toward "religious" belief, is this not just like the debate over the "gay gene"? How far have we gotten on that debate? How many atheists would hold a double standard of wanting to come up with a gene therapy to cure religiosity while defending homosexuality as "natural". If some people are hardwired for irrational beliefs, does that not make irrationality "natural"?

I think I know which way this debate will be going....
Neurotheology is taking is baby steps right now. It could be some time before we start getting the answers we need but the subject is fascinating.

I think about it like this. Every attribute of God, the aspirational, the destructive, the wisdom, the delusion, the confusion and the clarity are all products of the human mind. It could be genetically driven. The hows and the whys we have to be determined.

The main benefit of Neurotheology may be more philosophical than scientific. However, if we could learn to properly employ our ability and tendency toward spirituality we may be able to reap benefits we do not even understand yet.

Newberg's book "Why God Won't Go Away" reads like a owner manual for the spiritual thought processes. Newberg made the case, phenomenon by phenomenon of how our minds construct spirituality. In my opinion it goes completely off the rails at the end and draws some conclusions unsupported by the argument that proceeded.

As Joseph Langston pointed out, Newberg's case for the reality of the “Absolute Unitary Being” falls flat. If models of the universe such as M-theory pan out, some version of Absolute Unitary Being may actually be true but to say that we are sensing this reality with our minds is nonsense.

... some version of Absolute Unitary Be-ing (state) may actually ...
Ah... Yes, there is something called the God Helmet ( )

It proves that religious experience is nothing but a electrical stimulation not caused by an invisible entity that can control everything and know every detail of our lives.

I believe there are also studies on the link between religion and drug addiction, so I always view religion and drug addiction as the same thing.
Yea, I'd lump religion, AA, gambling and drug addiction in the same pot.
I agree. I would exclude card counters, though.




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