This survey is collecting information regarding public understanding/perception of evolution:

Be a good person and fill it out :D

Feel free to post your answers here too, to learn and discuss.

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I filled it out.

I am really curious to see the results.

I wonder how one-sided they'll be?

I'm on Michael Shermer's mailing list for Skeptic Magazine. That's how I came across it, originally.

So, how many others will see this survey? Who will be filling it out? Only skeptics, atheists and evolutionists?
"Who will be filling it out? Only skeptics, atheists and evolutionists?"

Probably, actually. :(

Unless creationists attempt to disparage evolution through it.
I was moderately annoyed at one particular question. The one regarding the origins of life on earth did not have the most valid response: "I do not know". Currently, the hypothesis regarding how life started on earth are not well founded with evidence.

Moreover, there strict agnostic position was not covered, either.

Other than that, it was a good survey.
Someone should link the survey over on RaptureReady or AnswersInGenesis. Then we can try and convince Shermer to publish the craziest response for our amusement.

It's been on StumbleUpon for a few days now (that's where I first ran into it) so it's got to have some crazies already.
There is a limit to letters, sure makes it a little harder to write full-length explanations. Yes, I did type that much where I felt I was getting restrained by that size limitation.

I agree with Bob too, I didn't like that you could only pick between extremes. I did NOT particularly like the complete lack of any sort of pagan viewpoints in the survey (admittedly it was written for atheists/montheistic followers) and the fact I had to write down I am a pagan... and nothing of what I said really reflected what sort of pagan I am. Most pagans have common traits but they also heavily differentiate to each other. My pagan beliefs does not agree with any current official pagan religions.

Wow, I just felt seriously religiously discriminated and it's the first time! Pagan power <.< that sounded even more incredibly cheesy...

But really, are we really in such a minority? I mean, how can Zoroastrian be more popular than paganism?!
You're a pagan.

*loses respect for LeaT*
Great survey! I wonder what the results will be, probably fairly predictable if skeptics are the only ones filling out.

My guess is, for the part of the questionnaire that asks you to rate your opinion from 1 to 5, the results will be an average of:

3 for fiscal conservative/economic liberal
4 for social conservative/social liberal
4.5 for very interested in science
1.5 for not religious at all

My guess is also the people who took this survey selected "unsure," "very likely no," and "defiantly no," for the existence of a god.

It will be interesting to see the results... I want to post the link on some religious sites... hehe




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