This is a collection of some scary, sad, mean, and hilarious church signs:

Church Signs That Won't Make You Go To Church

Supposedly they're all real, though some look like they could be parodies.

Which one is your favorite?

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RAmen! But I am 6' 3"...
Here's some more good ones!

Here's the one I blogged about:

I'm going to hell. But it's OK because supposedly none of the fundaloons will be there.
There is a tiny church in the small town where I grew up that used to have the "What is missing from ch__ch..u r" sign on the front. Every morning my school bus would stop in front of it so that high school & elementary students could swap busses, & I remember being embarrassed for the people who attended services there even when I was a bible thumper myself.

My favourite by far... shows the apparent intelligence level of fundies rather nicely..
Right outside of a small town I lived in for a while, there was a church whose billboard always read at the bottom: Coffee and Donuts Every Sunday at 9:15. I don't know if they realized the comedy in it or not, but, for about a week, the changeable part of the sign read: Man does not live by bread alone. So, the whole sign read:

Man does not live by bread alone.
Coffee and Donuts Every Sunday at 9:15.

ETA: Sorry, didn't take a picture of this.
The Assembly of God church in my town has a banner hanging outside it that says "Nothing is too hard for God". I am tempted to add my own banner to the end saying something like, "He just doesn't feel like curing cancer, AIDS or Multiple Sclerosis and ending war and world hunger."

That pretty much sums up the problem.


The comments at "Hang With Friends" have had a few church signs recently:

... and on a better note ...

Supposedly they're all real ...

There are some extremely well-done fake church sign generators at Think high-quality automated photoshopping, complete with a variety of fonts, logos, and even reflections on the glass over the changeable message.

Loren Miller told us about them, with some funny examples by him and others, at "Do-It-Yourself Church Signs!"

American Rationalist Assembly 'church' sign: WE KNOW THEY LIED / YOU KNOW IT TOO / THERE IS NO GOD / SO BOO HOO HOO! / BURMA-SHAVE




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