Good or bad?

I personally liked it on the right so that I could see who was on no matter what page I was at. I also wonder if it is displaying those currently on the Home or all throughout the site? It seems like there are significantly less avatars when I check it.

*edit* I am backwards! Fixed.

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It kind of did though, you could just leave it alone so it went "to sleep" and not "wake up"? Though it probably should have an off button.
its on the "Home" page, upper lefthand corner.
I've got a couple of observations about chat:

1. I tend to have several nexus pages open in different tabs, which I imagine would upset pop-up chat.

2. I tend to open chat in a tab.

3. There is usually nobody there - people drift in say "hello"?, find it's empty and leave. sometimes seconds apart.

What would help is a count of the number of people in the chat room under the list of who's on-line.

Also some sort of cue - a beep, or change in the tab title if there's a post or someone arrives.

Does any of this sound doable?
I've made people leave by posting a link. If they click on it - whoosh - they leave the forum.


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