My profile page used to have a box with the photos I had uploaded, where I could choose to display them as a slideshow or just a group of thumbnails. I'm pretty sure I inadvertently removed this feature by deleting a bunch of embedded html from a box on the page.

The photos are still available, but I have to go looking for them. How do I re-activate this feature?

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Hey Chris, I don't believe you did anything to make it go away, as it is gone from my page as well. I am looking into the problem and will post my findings here. You can still get to the photos through the 'Media' tab, but yea, it is more of a hassle.
The photos are back, sorry for the inconvenience.
Wow, yeah, I noticed. I take it you're one of the people in charge here? Just curious.
Hey Chris, good question, I just help in keeping things organized. :-)
She does a lot more that that Chris. She is awesome and an incredible asset to Atheist Nexus. Stephanie deserves kudos from all of us!

Brother Richard

Thanks Brother Richard.




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