Subject says all...

Give me a suggestion and a brief synopsis of the book you recommend.

I like sagas, non-fiction, classics... almost anything that's good. Which is vague I know...

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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks
A collection of personal recollections of various survivors of the Zombie War. From accounts of Patient Zero in New Dachang, through the formulation of the Redeker Plan and beyond the turning of the tide in North America. Non-fiction
I read The Zombie Survival Guide, so this should make an excellent addendum to my collection.

Zombies are awesome, but for some reason they remind me of fundies, I wonder why... ;)
How about The Bad Girl by Mario Vargas Llosa? Synopsis - a love story unlike any you've read before. The plot is preposterous in the use of coincidence as a mechanism for driving the story, yet it is still an incredible story. Mario Varga Llosa is one of my favorite authors.
Probably not what you normally read...

Generation Kill: the New Face of American Warfare

Story of special forces Marines during the invasion of Iraq. Really shows you how nasty war is. Not to mention how F'ed up the invasion, and stabilization/reconstruction was immediately after the invasion.

Great book, so good HBO made it into a mini series.
How about "Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia" by Jean Sasson. Its a true story about the life of a Saudi princess and the conflicts she face over the years .It gives a thrilling and realistic account of how women (even extremely rich and privileged) face in a male chauvinistic society like Saudi Arabia.If you like it ,there are two sequels as well.
i assume the story to be true ,since that's what it says on all reviews and summaries of the book.
Its a saga and non-fiction, and most Muslim women i know begin to question religion(Islam) after reading the book, however its definitely not an atheistic book,but paints religion and culture in gray shades.
Great suggestions guy, I've been pursuing for cheap copies! ^_^
Dreams Of Terror and Death by HP LOVECRAFT!

If you havent yet, its a must!
Ive found some of the stories available to read for free online.
Well, if you want to learn some quantum, go for the real thing.

Quantum Physicis by Gasiorowicz
Griffith's Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
or, if you want to beat yourself about the head with the stuff,
Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Physics is fun!
We actually used that book in my high school advanced physics class.

It's funny...I took all these science electives and advanced science classes my last two years in high school....and what do I pick as my major in college?


Go figure...
Watchmen by alan moore - There is a movie coming out based on this comic series, but its in a rights battle currently. It basically deals with the moral dilemma's of dark knight, except 10X as much. Its intense.

Blindness by jose saramago- a book about if the world were to suddenly be infected with blindness. An interesting twist is that they go into detail about how its different than regular blindness. I found it to be a good book, because you are put into the eyes of these blind people, and also to see how it would make an impact on life as we know it.
I LOVED that graphic novel, and I can't wait til the movie comes out. Oddly enough I was introduced to "Watchmen" when i took my criminology class in college. She was the professor I ever had... lol

Never heard about Blindness, sounds interesting though...




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