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Give me a suggestion and a brief synopsis of the book you recommend.

I like sagas, non-fiction, classics... almost anything that's good. Which is vague I know...

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The Gambler by Dostoevsky is short but high voltage... If you haven't already gotten around to it, give it a try. You can usually pick up a copy in a collection of his short novels.
Well I've read Crime and Punishment, and many of his short stories. I enjoyed what I've read of Dostoevsky thus far...

I'll look on and see if they have a collection of his work on there that includes The Gambler.
A great saga is Follett's Pillars of the Earth. It may seem an odd choice for an atheist since it's about building a cathedral, but there are plenty of non-religious characters and plenty of unflattering descriptions of religion. It's set in Medieval England and no historical novel of that time can ignore the impact of religion on people's daily lives. I was engrossed by the story and am looking forward to reading the sequel World Without End.




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