Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens? And why?

I think Richard Dawkins is my favorite horseman, (If you don't get the reference the four aforementioned atheists did a two hour documentary where they spoke about atheism, morality, and religion called "The Four Horsemen.") he seems so nice and approachable. Not mention he has a great sense of humor.

However, I think I'd rather have dinner with Hitchens out of the four. I'm a smart-ass anti-theist atheist, just like Hitchens. I think we would have a great conversation about the absurdity of religion, and how its a plague that needs to be vanquished. It would be a great night with a lot of laughs and smart-ass comments...

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One of my friends is just completing his doctorate at Oxford, and has met Dawkins on several occasions. He says that without a doubt Dawkins is one of the most sour, arrogant, judgmental men he has ever met.

Given my friend is not in the sciences, I can imagine what Dawkins might think of people in his program, and perhaps that has influenced their interactions.

But I think that this has changed my preference if I had but one Horseman to choose.

The winner: Sam Harris

I would be very, very interested in discussing his insights into neurology. His points on beliefs having a physiological impact in the "End of Faith" were absolutely revolutionary to me, and took some of my thinking in directions I would not have gone in without him.

I really think Hitchens would be the best party guest of the lot, what with the smoking and drinking and general rabble rousing and all, but I wouldn't waste a wish on sharing a Horseman with my friends. I'd want one all to myself, and I think I'd have the most to learn from Harris.

I really like Dennett, and I think he'd be my runner up. If you haven't seen my posts in the Free Will DNE forum yet, I have a particular interest in that subject. I'd absolutely love to talk it out with Dennett.

As for Dawkins, I think I have less to learn from him than from Harris or Dennett. I'm not a biologist. We could discuss the operational tactics and strategy of the atheist movement, which would be engrossing, but I think I'd prefer the antics of Hitchens as an enduring memory. Unless, of course, I could persuade Dawkins to give me a job as a Director of Communications for RDF!
Hey since this is a fantasy dinner - I'm taking away the restriction that they be alive.

I'd also go for two people at the same time:

- The Pope
- Jesus (the man behind the myth - assuming there was one)

Jesus: "Benedict, I was joking when I said that, lighten up. I can't believe they wrote all that crap down. Those disciples never really got what I was about, no wonder you're all in this mess".

Pope Benedict XVI: "You're not planning any interviews are you"?

Jesus: "Well I've got a book deal brewing - Dawkins is doing the foreword, I don't think you're going to like it. Can I have some more of that cheesecake stuff"?

Pope Benedict XVI: "There's plenty in your beard".




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