Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens? And why?

I think Richard Dawkins is my favorite horseman, (If you don't get the reference the four aforementioned atheists did a two hour documentary where they spoke about atheism, morality, and religion called "The Four Horsemen.") he seems so nice and approachable. Not mention he has a great sense of humor.

However, I think I'd rather have dinner with Hitchens out of the four. I'm a smart-ass anti-theist atheist, just like Hitchens. I think we would have a great conversation about the absurdity of religion, and how its a plague that needs to be vanquished. It would be a great night with a lot of laughs and smart-ass comments...

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Definitely Hitchens! He likes to drink, and he is snide
cheers mate!
Sam Harris. Hands down. I respect the others a lot, but Sam Harris has some of the strongest points I've heard from any atheist author. Plus he seems like a pretty amiable guy.
sam harris, but i wouldn't want to talk about religion. He seems like a cool guy; maybe we could eat nachos while bowling.
it has to be midnight bowling while techno music is playing though..
I think probably Dawkins. But I think we could find much better things to discuss than other people's ridiculous beliefs. As well as being a very knowledgeable in the field of biology, he's written some fascinating essays about other subjects. I'm sure religion would come up, but it would be a wasted opportunity to spend the whole time talking about it.

Anyway, I'm a relatively crap conversationalist, so I probably wouldn't be very good company for him.
tough question...I have met Dennett, and Harris does not strike me as much (not sure why) I guess Hitchens....
PS. but out of all the people who wrote books regarding atheism, I would go for Michael Bakunin, a 19th century anarchist and his classic " God and the State", pretty much in less than 100 pages the guy does all the work to expose the true nature of religion.
I would prolly go for Christopher Hitchens, for the sole reason that I know he can drink me under the table and I could use a good rip-roarin' night out.
rock on
Would a 4 way be possible? Haha. Dawkins and Hitchens would definitely be amusing, and perhaps Dennett would have something interesting to say on memes, and tell a few witty jokes. But, I think Harris would be my pick. His interests meander on a different path than the rest of the "horsemen." His studies in consciousness also happens to be me an intense interest of mine, so I'd probably find the dinner talk fascinating and fast paced.
It'd be between Dawkins and Harris. I like Richard, but then again, Sam is kind of hot ;)
Dinner with Dawkins

Drinks with Hitchens




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