Yep. There is such a thing. Or at least in Minnesota, California, Michigan, Smoky Mountains and last but not least, Ohio.
The camp is called "Camp Quest" I heard something about one in canada. For anyone who lives in Canada, is that true?
I'm also curious if there is something like this in Europe. Anyone know?
P.S. heres Camp Quest on the Colbert report.

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Camp Quest UK

The video won't play for me (my ugly internet connection probably) but I've no doubt it's great. Colbert doesn't tend to fail on delivery.
Oh cool. So it did end up in the UK. Thats awesome.
Hahaa...good stuff...
It's not an atheist camp, it's a camp for anyone who's interested in freethought and the natural nature of reality. It's open to everyone.
yes indeed, Thanks for the correction. We don't want anyone to think its exclusively for atheists now do we? ;)
I would have much preferred that camp when i was a kid over the brainwashing church camp i went to. I love Stephen Colbert.
I agree. I hated all the god stuff associated with the Boy Scouts. It is encouraging for the promotion and advancement of freethought that such camps like quest exist!
I was in Boy Scouts, and it didn't give me a good impression that Xians were better than anybody else.
I was too, in the early 80's. I really don't recall any Xian influence at all. Maybe I was just too young and I don't remember. Regional influence perhaps?
From what I've heard, partially via Penn and Teller's TV show "Bullshit!", the Boy Scouts (partially funded by tax money and often using public schools for meetings) is run by the Mormon church.
Would that you could trace that out, Grundgetta. After that crap years about about the gay kid who was refused membership in the Scouts, I would LOVE to see their sorry asses taken down!
I too was in Boy Scouts (Canada)... yet, our troop wound up entirely Atheist. We swept aside the more "religious" practices of it, not out of disgust, but simply because we realised none of us cared, and focused more on survival training, weapons training (for hunting purposes only), signal interception and decoding, ACTUAL SCOUTING AND CAMOUFLAGE (so many troops forget this), and construction practices when you have no access to regular civilian equipment.

It helped that we had a retired sergeant as our troop leader. But man was he ever stern.




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