I had been searching the Internet for a couple days now, looking for a good Forum for atheists. Atheist Nexus looked unique, diverse, expansive and interesting so I decided to see if I could join up. It's a real plus to me that this place is for non-theists only, makes me feel like I can fit in. I became a full-blown atheist a number of months ago, and have been a strong non-believer ever since (though I could stand to be more vocal about it). I have a hard time connecting with other people in the "real world" and off, so I figure I need to keep trying. I don't know of any places near me where I can talk to other atheists face to face and I recently realized how important to me it was that I socialize with other atheists, as I've had too many bad experiences with theists. Now, I'm not saying they're all scum, but it helps me personally if the people I associate with are atheists, I find I can relate with them easier. Anyway, thanks for having me here, see you around.

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Thank you for the warm welcome.
You know, back when I was younger, I had a hard time conversing with people without "choking" or not coming up with something else to say. You know what helped? The Internet.
Of course, back then, the Internet meant telnet-ing into IRC servers in DOS because windows back then... quite frankly was useless. It got me to think quickly about retorts and responses.

Fast forward to todays date, I found Atheist Nexus by hunting for an Atheist forum as well. AN seemed the best.

Welcome to AN.
Thanks for the welcome. To be honest, socializing over the internet has never done me any good (quite the opposite). I'm not usually socially awkward in the real world, I just really have a hard time finding not only the time to talk to people, but the right situations (and at times the will). I was trying to find an atheist club in my university, but no go. This place is well enough, however. It's straight forward, and the people actually seem smart. It's a step above most places.
Welcome indeed. This place is a breath of fresh air for the days when you feel like nobody in society has any sense about them. I found this site through one of the many atheist podcasts that I listen to. If you haven't already done so I'd subscribe to a few and start your day with a shot of rationality. I can't tell you how nice it is to sit in my car on my lunch break and listen to people just like me rant about the same issues I face on a daily basis.
I'm absolutely enthralled by atheist media, I take in whatever I can. It is truly refreshing, a shot of rationality in a world gone mad. I especially enjoy Richard Dawkins, that man has truly done a lot for atheism. Thanks for your kind suggestions.
Hey! Thank you, I'll be sure to look into that. A meetup is probably better than nothing, I'll see what I can work out.
Welcome, CS. I am new here myself, and so far my experience has been mostly what I expected, overall positive. There is enough diversity here to find people & topics to suit you--varying in tone of conversation as well. So you should be able to settle into something and have some good conversations, depending on what sort of a perspective you have coming in--from ornery & ticked off to kind & gentle.
I find that you're exactly right. This place has really caught my attention, and I'm glad it did. I've tried other social networking sites but this one is by far the best. Thanks and hope to see you around.
Hi from a fellow Morgan Hillian.  We may be able to drum up enough locals to have a beer or coffee or whatever.  Before finding atheistnexus, I started a yahoo group called south santa clara atheists, but need to pull one or two more in to make it worth a get-together.




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