Okay, so this is simple. Let's do something to help each other out. Post your blog or blogs, and try to take the time to visit the blogs of others who post here. IE, at least visit the blogs of the people posting before and after you, so check often. Try to comment! I'll be checking in on this thread and visiting and trying to give feedback to every blog posted. I love supporting atheist and liberal blogs. :)

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Mine is Sceptical Rants.
I tend to take a somewhat unforgiving approach to the stuff that pisses me off...

I'll probably have to wait until I'm at work to find the time to read all these!
I've got a sexy little number called AxisofJared, and I'm a proud 1-time hoster of the Carnival of the Godless! Yay me!
Hey everyone, glad to see bloggers getting organized here. My blog is called Suburban Panic! We write about politics, law, society and family, from a non-religious perspective. I'm looking forward to checking out your blogs, too.
Yes, a lot of the atheist blogs out there, including mine, have added a widget created by a fellow atheist blogger called The Atheist Blogroll. It's pretty nifty, you can see it in action on the sidebar of my site:

I've already commented in the forum about adding this to the AthNex homepage
Great group/thread!

Outside the Asylum

This is my little corner of the cyberworld where I note and comment on things in the news that continue to verify Wonko the Sane's decision to build the Asylum was quite sound. I'm hopeful if I can demonstrate that I, too, am sane, Wonko will let me out someday... :)

It's pretty close to brand new, but I'm trying to keep up regularly - as close to daily as school and work will allow. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it...), there's no lack of material, and it doesn't take a ton of energy to find stories of inanity.
Hi! I checked it out and I think it's pretty good so far. Once you get a little more material I'm sure you'll get a decent fan base. It takes time to build up a blog. Have fun with it! :)
I run the blog Pro-science, which is about science, progressive issues, and other things that I feel like blogging about.
Hey all. I write on a blog with a few friends called The Information Paradox

We really cover a range of topics but mostly issues that have to do with politics and religion. Any feedback is always appreciated.
My blog is Nicest Girl & Destroyer of Planets. A "nickname" given to me by a good friend years ago. I blog about lots of different things (mainly politics, religion, women's studies, sex ed...) though I have been kind of slacking lately. I'm not really a writer so... ^_^ Many of the things on my site are not safe for work, but mostly due to language.. not nudity or crudeness. Not because I am against those kinds of things but simply cuz I haven't found good stuff to put up. :P

I am kind of thinking about asking others to post on the blog. It would probably appeal more towards ladies because of the name of the site and the color scheme BUT anyone would be welcome. If you're interested, just let me know!
My blog at http://beinghuman.blogs.fi/ tries to dig a little bit deeper in to the historical backgound of religions and atheism.
My blog is called Eyebrow Ascendant.

I do quick breakdowns of specific facets of skepticism and atheism- whether that be debunking a specific item or addressing a theological argument.

The name is my little jab at astrology.




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