I just wanted to know if any of you are Anarchists or Communists. If you are I would like to add you to my friends and ask you to join my Anarchist group. If you aren't either then talk to me anyway so I can make you one. ;)

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I'm more socialist, but not anarchist. I don't feel that people will be responsible under an anarchist society, and I feel that a mix of socialism and capitalism would be the most moral and best working path. :) I do however have a soft spot for the more revolutionary groups like anarchists and communists.
Well I can certainly appreciate that and since I am a Marxist Communist I do see Socialism as a transitional stage to Communism.
My thing is, I'm completely against anything that's forced, no matter how good the intentions may be. Any revolution or move towards socialism or communism IMO must be done through democracy...so I tend not to get along with anarchists or communists :P
These Revolutions are democratic in the sense that the majority is violently overthrowing their governments. Most Communists/Anarchists want a non-violent revolution but don't see it as being nearly as easily attainable.
I don't feel anything that is forced in that sense is democratic.

I think it is very obtainable, we're slowly moving democratically towards more and more socialist programs and laws. :)
If you don't like anything to be forced, then you should be Anti-State. If you don't pay taxes or violate victimless crimes, you'll be kidnapped at gun-point & imprisoned, & if you attempt to escape, you'll be murdered by a rifleman in a guard tower. You might want to check out Voluntaryism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voluntaryism
But isn't democracy, even in its ideal form, "forcing" the minority to abide by the will of the majority?
No it isn't. Democracy is about making sure that the majority of people can get what they need without being prevented by the minority.
Ah, but there is the cases of the tyranny of the masses! Think about it, if most people are deluded into believing that living in one way is the only correct way, and living in another way is bad, they will allow the passing of laws that will oppress the freedom of those of the other way. Check your history, there are many examples of this sort of thing happening in the past (womens rights, non-white rights, gay rights, etc...). And be aware that different people will define words differently - I really don't think Bush defines democracy the same as any of us atheists do!
I'm with Y on this. I would say I'm a non-revolutionary Democratic Socialist, registered Democrat because I'm also a pragmatist. : ) I also have a soft spot for the revolutionaries, but I can't condone the violence (however understandable in some cases) and, as things are, I don't believe all-out Socialism is truly sustainable. My heart says one thing and my head says something else. Oh, life...!
I'm of the same opinion as IsThatLatin. I'm ideologically a Marxist but in practical life I'm Democratic Socialist. In my opinion, there's a point in time for every political system within each country. You can't isolate political systems from history,they go hand in hand.
What makes you think that humans will behave better with a State? For one, politicians are humans. As well, if you choose to be a criminal, you'll have much more to fear than cops, such as gangsters (Though I tend to think that cops are gangsters), vigilante justice, self-defense, etc. People who are deterred by cops will already be deterred by other factors, & people who aren't deterred by those factors won't be deterred by cops.




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