I just wanted to know if any of you are Anarchists or Communists. If you are I would like to add you to my friends and ask you to join my Anarchist group. If you aren't either then talk to me anyway so I can make you one. ;)

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How does capitalism rely on exploitation? There certainly is exploitation in our capitalist societies, but it isn't necessarily part of a capitalist society. People exchange money for goods and services, and you generally can't force people to pay for things they don't want to, or vice versa.
I agree, it's on the higher levels. Capitalism works better if you're less fair to your workers, if you work them harder, pay them less, spend less money on your products, etc. Capitalism exploits the worker and the consumer. When all that's available thanks to capitalism and corporations is cheap, mass produced goods, you don't really have a choice. And capitalism makes the wealthy in charge--those with money have the power to control politics and the government.
I still disagree :) Consumers are easily exploited. Just look at advertisements, corporations will say and do anything to get the consumer's money, they also lie and cheat, especially with rebates and insurance.
That's not part of capitalism. ;)
How do you figure capitalism cannot succeed without exploitation? Granted there will almost certainly always be exploitation of some sort, but I don't think you can fault capitalism for that, and I don't see how it can be said to require it.
Ehh... I'm absolutely a Democratic Socialist and I agree with Marx, but I'm not totally for Anarchy or pure Communism. I dislike Stalinism and Aryan Socialism also. But the idea still holds - Left Wing is good.
Boo Stalinism. Anything that controls personal choice is almost certainly bad. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone it should never be controlled.
I disagree, I feel communism and socialism could help the individual more than the herd. It's just that it would help ALL individuals and not just the ones born into wealth. Personal choices would be fine, and if someone worked harder or did a better job they'd get rewarded, whereas in capitalism the hardest working don't always do as well as the ones who are simply kissing ass or playing dirty. :)
I'm with you. I'm an anarchist (in the true sense of the word). Anarchism is diametrically opposed to Communism. Anarchism is the absence of a coercive authority (government), while Communism is based on a coercive authority (it must use government coercion to prevent individuals from exercising their natural property rights). Anarchism is based on peaceful, voluntary interactions and economic exchange, while Communism is based on violence and oppression. I also find it odd that so many people are referring to capitalism as some kind of system imposed by a government. In fact, capitalism is simply how individuals self-organize in the absence of force. The history of human civilization is that of oppressors (governments) constantly trying to stifle the natural anarchic, capitalistic tendencies of individuals. Democracy is, as you alluded to, is simply a cynical way for the oppressors to keep individuals in check my convincing them that it's somehow better for slaves to choose their masters even though the masters are still immensely powerful, violent, and oppressive.
I see your point. The so-called "capitalism" that exists in America is actually nothing of the sort. It's more of a state capitalism or quasi-corporatism, as opposed to true free market voluntary capitalism. Oddly, left-wing types find much fault with what they call capitalism in America even though it's the government interference in free markets they themselves support that cause those faults in the first place. A purely capitalist (i.e. stateless) society would vastly decrease hunger, poverty, violence, and all those other problems that leftists think are caused by capitalism.
I have to seriously disagree. No matter what, in a purely capitalist society, there will be exploitation, greed, and the few in charge of the many.
Actually, there is greed in every possible system because that's part of human nature. Furthermore, I would submit that greed is not bad--it's the aspect of our nature that involves striving for more happiness, and that can only be good.

As for exploitation, that is what the government and other coercive entities do. In a "purely capitalist society," human interaction is based on voluntary choices, not government decrees. Oddly, in today's world what many people think of as exploitation (i.e. children and poor people working for $2/day) is actually an example of a willing buyer (employer) and willing seller (employee) coming together in a mutually beneficial transaction (after all, if it didn't make both parties better off, it wouldn't happen). And what most people see as the government "sticking up for the poor exploited worker" (i.e. minimum wage laws, workplace safety rules, etc) are actually examples of true exploitation, because a group of people are using violence to get a better deal for themselves than peaceful voluntary action would provide--just because they use the government to enact their violence doesn't make it any less wrong.

And the few in charge of the many? That's what you have in socialist and communist countries--not capitalist ones. In a truly free, capitalist society, there's no government to lock entire classes of people into poverty and submission like we have today (even in the States). Capitalism actually facilitates the rapid movement of people up (and down) the economic ladder. Power only really comes into play when a coercive entity (the government) is involved. Outside of the very uncapitalist concept of coercion, power has no meaning.




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